Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Sunday, June 28, 2009

10:42 pm Jun 28th

Okay, I have been thinking about this for about 10 minutes...should I post it or not...in the interest of information I am going to post it and I hope it doesn't sound too out there....We were at a birthday party this evening and got home around 8:30pm, after giving the kids their bath, etc., they were not ready for bed as they had a nap this afternoon....I gave in and let them watch a movie. I have been lying with them watching a movie. I began to feel a periodic vibration. It was strange. I even looked through the bed to see if a toy was vibrating or a cell phone was left there. Okay here is the part that may sound very strange and quite frankly has me very worried. Today the windmills were very loud and turning quickly. It is dark now so I can't see them, but they are loud this evening. Gerred is still awake from the sound (he had a bad day today becuase he took the boys outside to play and swim and he said it felt like living next to an airport! Talk about Loss of Enjoyment of your property)...Anyway, I am feeling a vibration like feeling just above my pelvic bone. It literally feels like when your cell phone vibrates but it is within my body....I can not describe it well, and even as I type I am having a hard time believing it myself. I wasn't even thinking about the turbines, I was just watching the movie with the kids when it started but now it's not stopping....It feels very invasive...I don't like it at all....I remember one of the doctor's saying that vibration can be conducted in gaps between bones, like at the jaw below the ear or something like that....I wonder if this could be happening at the top of the pelvic bone? If anyone can provide me with any information, it would be greatly appreciated....This is the most unnerving thing that has happened so far...If anyone can let me know any possible cause it would be greatly appreciated.....I hope you don't all think I am crazy, I know it's sounds strange, but it is definately happening..........I just timed it out with the turbines and it seems to be following the same pattern....I will definately being seeking medical advise on this one.....Nikki


Nik said...

I am commenting on my own post as a follow up - I just spoke to my husband from work and he said he got under 2 hrs of sleep last night because he could hear and feel the wind turbines. He could feel the noise in his ears..he described it like when you are driving with the window down in a vehicle and moving quickly. The vibration in my pelvic bone seems to have subsided although when I sat at the computer this morning, I did feel a bit of a tingling sensation- not as strong-but there briefly...The turbines appear to be much slower today, at least the two I can see through the trees....

Anonymous said...

I have heard other people describe the internal vibration you describe, as a symptom when living near turbines... any yes they say they have found it to be quite disturbing. I have also seen an ISO? list that tells the frequencies at which various parts of the human body (such as the eyeball, stomach, chest etc) vibrate. I will try to find it for you. If you call the VOW number, I bet the person can put you in contact with others or can talk about this symptom with you.

Anonymous said...

http://ventdubocage.net/documentsoriginaux/bruit/Binder2.pdf Hope this is the right web site.The document is "Location, Location,Location " A document by the Noise Association, on pg 17 is a chart.4-8 hz will cause vibration of the abdomen

Jane D said...

Sadly this is all too familiar to us, welcome to the world of wind turbine noise victims.

So Sorry,

Jane Davis

Katie said...

Hi Nikki,

Just found your blog, I'm not a blogger but I find myself reading all your posts. I live in rual Innerkip, Ontario and have just found out in the last month that they are going to be building wind turbines very close to my house. Immediately I began gathering information haveing already heard many NEGATIVE health effects related to wind turbines. To put it short and quick I am VERY scared and do not want this to happen. My husband went to a local meeting last week and came home almost in tears after hearing all the terrible health effects (not to mention the negative effects on land value). We are very unsure of what we can do, sounds like a done deal. Can you shed any light on anything we can do to prevent this from happening. As far as we are told 6 farmers have "signed on" so far and have a good possiblilty for 3 more.
I will be checking in with your blog for sure again,

Anonymous said...

Annoying noise can cause people to become stressed and irritated and to disturb sleeping patterns. People have reported that they can feel these vibrations. Vibrations at 4Hz to 10Hz can cause feelings of discomfort, chest pains, abdominal pains and influence breathing movement.

Noise Association UK http://ventdubocage.net/documentsoriginaux/bruit/Binder2.pdf "

I'm having trouble checking on the above website, but I think if you look on page 16 and 17 it has a chart with body parts and resonance frequencies