Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here We Go Again - January 13th, 2010

A few things have happened this week that I thought might be of interest to my readers.
1. Our Power, as well as neighbors in the area, including Dealtown, has been "flickering". It goes out every couple of hours for just a few seconds and then kicks back in. This has been going on since Saturday night I think it was. My husband was up in the night (due to the turbine noise), and said the power was out overnight about 3 hours.

Here is the interesting part. I spoke to my nieghbor who called and reported the problem to Hydro One and was told by them that the problem is related to the turbines and to contact Kruger. I also reported the issue to Hydro One, but I have not heard back yet.

2. I woke up today with one of the "turbine" headaches as I refer to them. I know it is a headache related to the turbines because of the way it sits in the front of my forehead, and runs down my neck and is not eased by medication, sleep, food or drink. When I mentioned it to my husband, he told me that the turbines were turning especially loud and fast last evening and he also reminded me that I have not been out of the house for quite a few days except for an hour or two yesterday.

I truly hope the winter problems are not starting again. To date I have not rec'd any replies to my requests for information from Kruger other than to say they would get back to me. I have also not heard back from the Ministry of Environment since the last call where I was told that the reports were forwarded and our local rep's were waiting for their counterparts.

As I look out the window today, I see that the turbines are once again facing the direction which gives us the most problem. I noticed over the holidays, they seemed to face other directions for quite a bit of the time. Looks like the prevailing winds are back in action and we may be getting the brunt of the wind farm again. On a positive note, I have not noticed or felt excessive vibration so perhaps our renovations are working (still in progress, but hopefully moving forward soon).