Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 22nd - Under the Weather

Wow! Yesterday was very frustrating. After finding out the other evening that the complaints filed have not reached the MOE, I decided to make some calls. I started with the Windsor office of the MOE which is where I was told to call, they redirected me, and then I was redirected again...I finally reached a very helpful gentleman who did the leg work for me and hooked me up with the proper fellow. (he and I will speak today and then I will be sure to post accurate reporting information for everyone asap)...I also called the Municipality of CK and left a voice mail and currently we are playing phone tag but Marsha in the planning section sounded like she had called to check with the MOE as well (it was interesting that she has a completely different contact number than I do so obviously this being fairly new, the MOE has not really worked out the system as of yet) I also spoke to Joe at Kruger and he assured me that the complaint was in fact forwarded by Kruger to the MOE by purolator in March. I also asked Joe about the turbine by our house not moving while others are. He mentioned that although it did have a problem and needed an adjustment of some kind, other than that repair it has been running with the rest of them. They have submitted further information to the company who did the sound testing here and are do not have results as of yet....All in all, I spent a lot of time that I didn't have on the phone and leaving messages and missing calls and calling back....I was very ill last night. I suspect it may have been aggrevated by stress, but who knows, perhaps a 24 hour flu, or perhaps a side effect from the windmills as I worked from home late last week and was basically home for the entire weekend - I hope it's not a tolerance thing because I really don't want to HAVE to leave my home to feel better....I know I have said this before, but even though things are a bit better now, I am very worried about the fall and winter months when the wind picks up and we are home even more....
Victims of Wind and Wind Concerns of Ontario I noticed are working very hard to ensure that information is being sent to the correct people - at the MOE, in our municipal and provincial governments, and to the public. Be sure to check their websites for information. I really appreciate these people. Some of them are not even affected by the turbines and I am truly touched by the way they care about others and are speaking out for those who may not be able to speak for themselves.


Neighbour said...

Hi Nikki just to let you know your not crazy, we too had a really bad headache yesterday afternoon, turbines were facing south, today was a good day, so your not alone.
Your neighbour

Nik said...

Good to know! My husband was not at home yesterday much and not at night, but my headache was bad and I felt ill also....I was also very, very, irritable - it was not a great day at all...Thanks for letting me know