Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st - Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me or posted comments. Your support is very encouraging.
To Anonymous of May 31st - Yes, some of my nieghbors are expressing concern, however, the ones in Dealtown which is a bit further from the wind turbines are hesitant to admit that their problems are related to the turbines, as are many. It is a difficult situation because at first you don't put it together, and then when you do, you wonder if it could really be the turbines. Until you are able to track the movement of the turbines against your reocurring symptoms, you almost feel a bit foolish to think they could be related. A perfect example recently is when someone told me of their rash issue - it was only then that I had an "a-ha" moment and thought about my husband's rash, my son's, and even my own (I have had skin issues all of my life, but my husband and son have not) Now that I am aware that could be one of the side effects, we are following the rash and our other issues and watching what the windmills are doing when it acts up - it only bothers him when he is at home, when he sleeps away from home he is fine....Our immediate neighbors have only just moved in and have not had a chance to notice more than the occasional noise from the windmills, which I must admit is a bit quieter now that the leaves have come onto the trees - I hope that is what is keeping them quieter because the leaves came in full about the same time the noise testing started and I would hate to believe that the wind energy company has slowed them in some way....Myself and others did notice that the two nearest our home seemed to be spinning slower than the rest, and at times were not turning at all. I contacted the municipality, who in turn contacted Kruger energy and according to the fellow in charge of the wind turbines, his computer showed they were both functioning fine. He suggested that perhaps they were just turning themselves at that time into the direction of the wind as we had a lot of wind directional change during that week. To answer your question: yes, others are affected. Some speak about it, some will not speak publicly for various reasons, some say they have absolutely no problems (these particular people have windmills on their property and recieve money from them so I am not sure if they are allowed to speak about any problems they may experience as they have signed a contract). What is needed is an official study/survey of all residence living and working within 5km of the wind turbines to see what type of issues truly exist. I believe that many have still not connected their symptoms with the turbines and go on with health issues they do not have an explanation for.

To Skyler: Thank you for your comment on May 31 and the information on the Green Energy Act, I will definately look up the petition.

Today my youngest's rash on his hand is not any better. I worked from home today and the wind turbines were quite loud during the day - you could hear the woosh, woosh of the blades and my office assistant commented that it sounded like an airplane. My headache seems to have subsided quite a bit and I actually feel pretty good, but here is a new one - while putting my hair up in a ponytail this afternoon, I leaned far forward and got an odd rush of "fluid" feeling in my nasal cavity. It felt exactly like when you are swimming and you get water in your nose. It was very strange, I stood up and it went away. This is the first time this has happened, and I hope the last because it was an aweful feeling!!!

I had a visitor in my office the other day who was hear for a good portion of the day and found her ears were popping a bit and her jaw was sore near her ear. I have since found out that this could be the conduction of low frequency vibration being picked up in the air pockets at the end of the jaw. I have had similar jaw issues since the erection of the wind turbines. Again, I did not link it and assumed I was clenching my teeth at night and perhaps getting a sore jaw from that. I saw my dentist who fit me for a night splint to try to relieve the pain/stiffness in my jaw (I have not rec'd the splint yet). I am now wondering if it is wind turbine related because as I think about it, the pain in my jaw is also something that I don't remember experiencing when we were away from home more than two nights....
Do you see what I mean about the symptoms happening to people and yet they may not realize what the cause is. I have a friend about a kilometer away and her and her daughter have been ill with unexplained cold like symptoms, specifically excessive coughing and respiratory problems for most of the winter....the doctor's can not figure out what is cauing it, I am wondering if they are extremely sensitive and are in fact suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS) or dirty electricity or some other side effect. One would not think that being that far away you could be affected. But then again, until the Ontario waitress won her WSIB case for cancer caused by second hand smoke, who would have thought that you could contract "smokers" cancers and never have smoked a day in your life!?!?

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