Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sept. 29th-Thank you for the comment, and for sharing this article

Thank you for the comments on the last blog, and for sharing the article below....
(Update on our Son's Rash - It was cleared up and we got home Sunday mid day, Yesterday we noticed some "dots" on his belly and today we had to keep him home and I am trying to get him back into the Pediatricaion because he now has rash on his belly and wrists and is still on Penicillan!!!! My husband slept on and off due to noise of turbines last night, and I went to bed at 9:30, slept until 8:00 am and woke up feeling extremely tired and groggy with very dry eyes!!! I am more and more convinced every day of the negative affects the installation of wind turbines is having on the health of our communities!!!)

Article from Northumberlandtoday:

Letters to the EditorHome News Letters to the Editor Environmental considerations for wind energy Environmental considerations for wind energy
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Posted 3 hours ago

In response to the editorial "One step at a time", Sept. 24, 2009, the comments are concluded with the sentence, "Time we started dovetailing our own attitudes."

While there are many concerns about the feasibility of wind energy, and the production of it, such as health concerns, impact of bird and animal life, along with the ugliness of the towers themselves, there are three points the proponents of such a system neglect to mention

1. The European/U. S. A. experience where such systems have been in place for some time demonstrate this system of generating electricity has an efficiency factor of 10 to 20% That means that to generate 1.5 mw of power (the capacity of one turbine), there has to be at least five towers in place.

2. The wind energy companies, in those areas, have only been profitable if they are heavily subsidized. Because of these costs, Denmark, which is often cited as being a good example of using wind, has now ceased to erect new onshore facilities and withdrawn subsidies for existing sites. The companies, needless to say, have stopped developing onshore wind plants, with the resulting impact on manufacturers in the industry.

3. The impact of a tower base, with digging and blasting, can incur a hole up to 30 feet deep and 40 feet in diameter. This then has to be filled it with up to 1,250 tons of reinforced concrete. This has an impact on ground water tables and aquifers. When an aquifer is damaged, experiences here, in England and the U. S. A. have demonstrated, it does not recover. Wells in the water basin area of such a system run, and remain, dry.

In Ontario, the effect of damage to a water table was shown, in my experience, when a water pipe line was extended recently across York Region to service King City area. The line was only dug down about six feet for construction purposes, but farm wells up to 100 feet deep in the area of Vandorf, which had been in use for several generations, went dry and they have never come back into service.

Recognizing the importance of the farming industry to Northumberland, if the farm does not have access to water, what is the impact on the farm and its livestock?

For a farm, or a rural property owner, to bear the cost of digging a new well, due to the imposition of a proven faulty technology, by a government or a company, for political-or taxpayer-subsidized gain, is unacceptable.

So, yes, we must, as noted, "dovetail our own attitudes". But let us dovetail those attitudes on a fully informed basis, not only on theoretical economic benefits, and on half truths currently in the public domain by the wind energy companies, and the provincial government, but also on the full economic costs and a complete understanding of the system impact.

It is that impact that will affect us all.

Anthony White Grafton

Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28th - back from a great weekend.....but

Hello All!
I am so happy to report that my son's rash was almost completely healed by Saturday! We left for camping on Thursday afternoon after his pediatrician appointment. The appointment went extremely well as we filled the doctor in on the various symptoms he (and the rest of us) have been experiencing since the winter. We discussed how our symptoms started after the erection of the wind turbines, we discussed options and in the end we agreed on several actions for our son. I sent the doctor our blog information, and we discussed being able to get rechecked when symptoms become more severe again in the winter months. Of course, without proper information and studies, it is difficult for a doctor to diagnose the cause, however, he did state that some of what I was describing could be generated by things like low frequency noise, noise, and vibration. He further said that the slapping of the head and some of the other symptoms could be indication of headaches and now that our son is more verbal try asking him "what hurts" and see if he indicates his head, he could be getting severe headaches.....I felt very good about the appointment and the doctor's willingness to listen and consider various possibilities.....

We left for camping after that and the inflamed "rash" on my son's arms was a bit better but still quite sore and open, by Saturday morning it was almost completely gone. He had a great weekend and even had some success with potty training, something we had almost accomplished last fall and then he stopped (around the same time his general attitude changed, after the turbines). He was a happy kid this weekend, slept very well except for one night when he woke up a few times wanting to "get up and play" in the night, I could tell his energy level was way up....

My eldest son also was great on the camping trip. It was great to see them acting like themselves, smiling and having fun. My eldest slept great and did not complain of any aches or pains.

My husband and I stayed up later than we do at home, and got up about the same time and felt rested and relaxed! It was wonderful. By Friday, I felt like my old self again, and by Sunday, I felt energetic, excited, thinking about the future, motivated to do things, happy, driven to do projects at home and at work! It's a great feeling to be so optimistic and peaceful!!!


WE arrived home on Sunday and the turbines were quite loud when I was playing outside in the yard with the kids just after dinner. They seemed to become a little quieter later in the evening, but about 1:30 in the morning, my youngest woke up complaining of the "whoosh whoosh" sound. After getting him settled, I could not fall back to sleep and it was well after 3am when I was able to sleep again. I could "feel" the turbines and could not relax to fall asleep. In the morning, I could not get up with the alarm and overslept due to the grogginess and hitting the "snooze" button. When I did get up, I was surprised by the "dry eyes" again as I did not experience that the whole time we were gone away.

My husband did not sleep at all. He said he laid awake and between the noise, the "ringing" in his ears and the "itchy rash" that had all returned in the night, he looked exhausted again. At 3am when he told me of the rash and that he was awake also, I thought about calling the Spill Action Centre to report our complaint, but I just couldn't bring myself to get out of bed and do it....I will call today, just in case it actually does any good to report it.

My youngest son complained when he woke up that his "legs" hurt, and I noticed him scratching at his inner arm where the rash had been - something I had not seen him do since we left home. My other son woke up and complained of feeling "very tired", and showed me the inner sides of his arms and said "mom, see those lines (the "wrinkles" in your inner elbow", they are hurting", he also complained of back pain again......

After this experience, I am more sure than ever that our problems are somehow related to the wind turbines. I sent a letter last week with a number of questions, and I guessed at what we thought might be the cause, but someone gave me some good advice over the weekend. He said, it is not up to you to find the solution, it is up to you to report the problems and the company should be responsible and investigate to find the cause. It is very obvious that your problems started with the erection of the wind project...whatever the cause, it needs to be found and fixed. I agree with this statement and I am confident that we are making every effort to assist with finding a cause, but I wish I felt more confident that our complaints and our health issues were being taken seriously.

As for our renovation, we are moving forward with it and are extremely hopeful that we will find some relief, at least possibly lessen the effects of the winter months. I heard from a women who can barely function in her home, she is suffering far worse than us, and has been dealing with these issues far longer than we have, to her and all of the other sufferers, We send our thoughts and truly hope that you are all able to find relief soon....


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update to Rash / New Article

We took our son to a clinic two nights ago for his rash and the doctor said it "looks like an impentago type of rash". He is treating our son, and myself with penicillan because I also have a bit of a rash on my fingers and he did not want to take any chances. Unfortunately, the clinic was very busy and this doctor did not wish to speak of other possibilities, causes, or my concerns about the turbine issue. Since he is not our family doctor, I did not push the issue...I am relieved that we have an appointment with the Pediatrician (finally) tomorrow and that he will be able to look at this rash, and hear the other affects we have noticed with our son(s) and ourselves. I have heard from other WT sufferers and they say the rash in the picture on the blog looks very much like the rash they have been suffering. They strongly believe their rash to be caused from low frequency vibration and dirty electricity from the wind turbines, and I believe they are correct. Some of them have learned that when exposed to certain items, cell phones, etc., their rash becomes worse. I imagine that to be the thing that takes them over the threshold and "activates" the condition that is there due to the exposure to wind turbines. I only wish our government would provide the tests and equipment necessary to properly monitor the cause in order to prevent the effects.

NEWS ARTICLE - Chatham Daily News

Wind turbines still a problem for some - Sept. 22nd

A Blenheim woman claims her family is still suffering effects from a nearby wind farm.

Kruger Energy’s 44-turbine Port Alma project became operational last year.

Nikki Horton, who filed a complaint with the Montreal-based company, said the wind farm is impacting her family’s quality of life, with symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.

“We’re still ill. We’re still sleep deprived,” she said. “Our children are still experiencing problems.”

Horton said Kruger conducted a noise report earlier this year.

She received the results recently.

“It left me with a lot of unanswered questions,” she said. “They seem to be trying to blame our problems on other things, but we’re pretty sure it’s the wind turbines.”

Horton said she is planning to soundproof her home since she doesn’t want to move.

Some of these measures include triple-paned windows and new insulation.

“We’re hoping that will help,” she said.

Horton believes wind energy supporters are pushing forward without seeing the impact on residents.

“Turning a blind eye to all these people who are having problems is not going to make it go away,” she said.

Blenheim’s Pam Mazerolle also sent a letter to Kruger on the issues she and her husband are having.

She said they’ve been having headaches that even their doctor can’t explain.

“We also have a big concern regarding our property value, now that these turbines are in our backyard the value has gone down. Ask yourself, 'Would you want to live this close to them?'” she wrote. “Please don't get us wrong, we are all for green energy, anything to help the planet, it has been damaged enough.

“But when do we say, 'Wait a minute our health and way of life comes first?'”

Mazerolle said she’s also seen a change of behaviour in her horse, which “seemed more jumpy,” and would pace around in circles at night.

Jean Majeau, Kruger’s senior vice-president of communications, said the matter was investigated.

He said it was also reported to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

“We had one turbine that was not properly working,” he said. “The corrections have been made and we had also done an independent study that everything had come back to normal.

“As far as we are concerned, the file is closed.”

I find it odd that Kruger states the file is closed when I am still working with Kruger to find solutions. As far as it being closed, I definately do not feel that we have seen an answer to our problems, and my family and I consider this issue very much open.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept.21 - 2009 Strange rash

I am not sure if this is WT related, but it could be as I have heard from others about strange rashes, etc. so I will blog it and we can see what happens...About Thursday or Friday of last week, I had a breakout of what I thought was excema on my ring and baby fingers. I treated it as I usually would but instead of getting better, it seemed to get worse....unlike excema, it is three circles and they are quite deep wounds.....that is not my biggest concern though...my youngest son developed over the weekend a small rash on his inner elbow area, as the days have progressed, it has gotten far worse...deep red circles that are very sensitive, and surounding red blotches and dots...I am trying to get him a doctor's appointment today, but so far tomorrow is the soonest I could get...if he continues to complain, I will take him to the emergency department...he has also woke up with his eyes "glued" shut for two night now, but he shows no sign of a cold or allergies...his eyes were very red last night and appeared puffy, however, today his eyes appear better....I suffered from a major headache yesterday afternoon, and last night some extreme pains in my hips, legs and wrist joints...I was in a minor car accident on Saturday, so I suppose it could be from that, but I really don't think so as my neck and back are only slightly sore and I feel fine....who knows if WT's are the cause, but I will write this note and hopefully all will turn out to be nothing.....Nikki

Friday, September 18, 2009

Send A Letter to your MPP!


The provincial government, led by Premier Dalton McGuinty, is about to change the landscape of Ontario forever, by setting and announcing new regulations for wind tubine installations. History shows that Premier Dalton McGuinty and his Ministers of Energy, Mr. Smitherman and the Environment, Mr. Gerretsen have completely ignored and entirely abandoned constituents from far and wide in this province who have been, and continue to be, harmed by these industrial machines being placed too close to their homes.

So far, what they have been allowing, has failed to protect people. Rural residents have been used as guinea pigs. There are problems all over the world and this government knows about them. In Europe there are 363 organizations from 19 European countries demanding their governments change what is happening to them. (epaw.org) This continues throughout the world in our neighbouring USA, Australia, Japan, ... In Ontario alone there are 35 citizens groups from 24 counties and districts that have joined together as members of Wind Concerns Ontario, windconcernsontario.org.

The wind industry, who are well supported by this government, have hired doctors to present their case that there are no health problems associated with wind turbines. Not one of them has done an epidemiological study and not one of their professionals has called any of the victims to speak with them. Not one. This government has been asked repeatedly to conduct a formal health study before any more turbines are erected.

Earlier this year, the government called for public input from people of this province regarding siting and other issues involved with the planning of wind energy.

There will have been hundreds (nobody knows for sure) of submissions on the very controversial issues surrounding wind turbines situated so close to homes. Many high calibre people from varied professional fields and current residents living in wind farms have made submissions that Ontarians have the right to see before the new regulations are set. Ontarians need to have a say in what is about to happen. These new regulations can affect the health of 100's if not 1,000's of people, farmers livestock, wildlife, all property values in Ontario and will bring misery and pain to too many people. What kind of government, knowing what they know now, would continue down this path of denial? There was a setback number of 550 metres bandied about in the media earlier this year. This setback will not make a dent. In fact existing turbines situated farther back than 550 meters have been measured operating over allowable noise levels.

It now appears they are going to be setting the new regulations without the public having full access to the submissions made on this subject.

There is also reason to believe the wind developers know a lot more than the citizens of this province about what is about to happen to this province, and that in itself is cause for great concern.

As a citizen and taxpayer, you have a right to see what the public submissions hold before new regulations take hold of this province. These are extremely sensitive issues and must not be allowed to be processed without due diligence.

Premier McGuinty, we demand you allow full access to all, not just part, of the submissions made to the Ministry this year regarding the Green Energy Act EBR# 101-6516. We demand that you grant sufficient viewing time, easy access for all residents in the entire province, and that you accept comments in response from people that have had a chance to become informed. Only then should you be able to continue setting the new regulations.


XXXXXXXXXXX your name and address here XXXXXXXX

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16th - Bad Day for Me

Last night the turbines were very very loud and I was kept awake until about 1pm with them. I had a disrupted sleep and so did my children who kept waking as well and wanting to come into my bed to sleep. The youngest asked if someone was playing video games outside - he said he could hear helicoptors....In the night, I had terrible aches and pains in my legs and hips...this happened about a week ago and I thought maybe it was just an "achy" day....now I am wondering if it has to do with the turbines...my youngest cried a lot this morning when he woke up and acted as if he was extremely overtired, which makes sense as he was up a lot last night....my oldest complained of a back ache again....We are going ahead with some renovations to try to create a barrier for the sound and vibration in our home - if it works, it will be good news for everyone! I know that most people are not looking to leave their homes and would be very happy with a solution to the problem....We are giving it a try...wish us luck!!
Today was a bad day for me, I felt tired and weak all day. I had "the headache" again very badly today and I even slept for a bit with my children this afternoon....it makes it difficult to get work and household chores completed, but I am grateful that I have the flexibility to work around the bad days....

Wind Farm Battle to Go To High Court

This is an interesting story someone sent me about the problems in other areas and people trying to find a resolution through the court system.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmm?

I blogged back on the 7th that I was feeling extremely tired and under the weather...I said I could not be sure if it was the turbines, but I didn't think so...hmmmm, well now I am wondering if that was the beginning of some new symptoms....a few nights ago, I felt so achy, right into my bones...my hips felt like they were being pushed so hard that they would break at any minute...my legs and lower body were painful and heavy, like nothing I have ever felt before...actually, that is not true - last winter, I saw a doctor because I was having strange hip pain, it was similar to this I think...perhaps it started last winter because the turbines did? hmmmmm?
Today is much better in terms of pain, but I did wake up this morning and hit the snooze button so many times even my three year old was getting frustrated with me... I HATE that feeling in the morning where you can't open your eyes and your whole body says "stay in bed and get some rest", especially when there is no good reason for it. The dry eyes in the morning continue, but someone told me to try teargel as it apparently provides relief so I will buy some tomorrow. My husband had a dizzy spell yesterday. He said it came and went throughout the day - he was working at home mostly during the day...
Today was strange, I woke up groggy - felt better once I was up - by noon I felt like I could literally fall asleep standing - I left the house and went to Chatham, by the time I got into town, I felt better. After being gone a few hours, I headed home...home about 15 minutes and I felt extremely tired again. I had a short nap but when my alarm rang at 5 oclock to pick up my kids I felt like I could keep sleeping, sleep for a week even...I got up and got the kids, and I have been fine ever since - too tired to go to my weekly golf girls night, but better and not so tired feeling....I have missed many of my golf leaugue nights due to fatigue....hmmmmm...I wonder how many games the wind turbines exec's miss due to the effects of living near them....wait a minute - do any of them live near them?? HMMMMMMMM?


Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. 11, 2009 - A bit of Relief

I am not sure if I am still feeling the wondeful effects of being away for the night two nights ago, or if we are getting some relief because of the wind conditions...either way, it's a blessing...other than when I woke up this morning, I have been pretty good today...I woke up with the dry eyes and had a very difficult time getting out of bed - my youngest son woke up and his first words this morning were also "my eyes hurt mom", but as I got them off to school and headed out to start the day, we all seemed fine today. My husband is at work today so I am not sure what kind of night he had last night, but I am pretty sure he took a sleeping pill (something he has had to start to do in order to get any sleep at all) so he likely had a pretty good night also.
I was out most of the day and as I drove home, I noticed that today the opposite turbine is stopped. Yesterday is was the one at the rear, today it is the one at the front. I am not sure why they are not turning, I am just relieved that they are not turning. Even one not turning seems to provide some relief......
I'll be in touch shortly to keep you advised, but in the meantime, let's hope the winds stay slow and the turbines stay stopped. Nik

Sept 10, 2009 - Middlesex Wind Action Group

Wow! I can not believe what an AMAZING day I have had today..... It all started last night when I was honoured to speak to a group of about 250 people near Strathroy at an Industrial Wind Turbines Public Information Session sponsored by the Middlesex Wind Action Group. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for the entire session, but I have been informed that organizers were happy with the turnout and the questions raised. The information given by the speakers was excellent, and besides myself, attendees also heard from other people currently suffering from the effects of wind turbines. When I completed my other commitments for the evening, I stayed at a friends on the lake at Kettle Point. It was peaceful, quiet and her place is so homey and inviting you can't help but feel good. The best part - I HAD THE BEST SLEEP I HAVE HAD IN AGES!!! Someone went to the washroom in the early morning and it woke me up and to my amazement, I felt Great!!! It was about 5:30 am and I woke feeling rested, energetic, excited to start the day! I felt like my old self! I have been in and out of my home today, but still feel pretty good even at 12:44 am. I have accomplished more today than I have in weeks and I am reluctant to go to bed because I don't want to wake up tomorrow and feel terrible again. Can it really be that bad? Well, in a word, YES. ( I did notice that one turbines near our home was not turning today so that might have helped us also today)

Even on the two hour drive to Strathroy last evening, my ears were popping as if I had been on a plane. And again, even now, I feel the pressure building in them, and my glands feel as though they are beginning to swell in my neck again. I read another victim had said "it feels like there are cotton balls in my ears" and although I could not think of how to describe it, that is exactly it - like there are cotton balls in my ears!!! I find it so surreal when I hear another victim far away and when I hear them speak, it could be me speaking. The descriptions are always so similar to what me and my family are feeling....
So, today was a good day. I am also excited to see that communities around Ontario are waking up and asking the tough questions before the turbines are erected. I wish we had asked more questions, done more homework, instead of blindly trusting our government.
I have received a lot of emails and calls today, and I appreciate all of the concern, the feedback, and the questions. I wish I could do more to help. I am so proud of the organizers of the event last night. If everyone would just do a little to spread the word and speak up against harmful emissions like turbine noise and vibration, we could make a difference. Some people asked me what message they should send, what should they say?
Although each person has a different experience and opinion, to me the message is simple. Do not build wind turbines where they affect people. Build them far away from homes. Be sure, listen to the people who have studied them and set them far enough back that people will not have to leave their homes, or suffer in them...
It's late, I should go now. Good luck to everyone - here's hopin' the winds not blowing where you are. G'Night. Nik

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 7 - I haven't blogged in a while....

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. It's been very busy, and I have been feeling extremely tired and not myself. I do not suspect it is the turbines this time though because to my knowledge they were not turning much on the days I was especially tired....of course, I can't be sure, but somehow I think this is something different, or perhaps a combination of the turbines and something else adding to it. I have been working on a letter of questions, and researching the information supplied from the noise test. I will soon have that posted, in the meantime, please be patient.

I do see that the controversy continues in many forums. I received the Costco magazine today and page 14 and 15 are devoted to the question "Should we rely more on wind energy?" As I understand it, this is an invitation for a debate. There are several websites listed as references, including the Wind Concerns Ontario group. To vote online, you can cot to Costco.ca, click "in the Warehouse" and then Costco Connection magazine and select Debate, under contents.

I believe this link may work also: http://delivery.texterity.com/costco/index000384893.cfm

These were the results tonight so far:

Informed Debate
Should we rely more on wind energy?
Yes 82 Votes 8.0%
No 943 Votes 92.0%
Total Votes 1025 Votes

Thank you for participating in our survey.

You may also send your comments to: debate@costco.com

UPDATE: I have received information that there are now 11 people suffering from the Kruger wind farm and those are just the ones who have recognized the link between the turbines and their symptoms and who are willing to speak about it!

Please be advised of the following information session. I think this is so important because if these particular wind turbines go forward, they will be very close to a school of small children who could be adversely affected.

Date: Wednesday, September 9th, 7:00PM
Location: Adelaide W.G. MacDonald Public School Gymnasium 29059 School Road, Strathroy
Follow the link below for the flyer for this event: