Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Sunday, June 28, 2009

10:42 pm Jun 28th

Okay, I have been thinking about this for about 10 minutes...should I post it or not...in the interest of information I am going to post it and I hope it doesn't sound too out there....We were at a birthday party this evening and got home around 8:30pm, after giving the kids their bath, etc., they were not ready for bed as they had a nap this afternoon....I gave in and let them watch a movie. I have been lying with them watching a movie. I began to feel a periodic vibration. It was strange. I even looked through the bed to see if a toy was vibrating or a cell phone was left there. Okay here is the part that may sound very strange and quite frankly has me very worried. Today the windmills were very loud and turning quickly. It is dark now so I can't see them, but they are loud this evening. Gerred is still awake from the sound (he had a bad day today becuase he took the boys outside to play and swim and he said it felt like living next to an airport! Talk about Loss of Enjoyment of your property)...Anyway, I am feeling a vibration like feeling just above my pelvic bone. It literally feels like when your cell phone vibrates but it is within my body....I can not describe it well, and even as I type I am having a hard time believing it myself. I wasn't even thinking about the turbines, I was just watching the movie with the kids when it started but now it's not stopping....It feels very invasive...I don't like it at all....I remember one of the doctor's saying that vibration can be conducted in gaps between bones, like at the jaw below the ear or something like that....I wonder if this could be happening at the top of the pelvic bone? If anyone can provide me with any information, it would be greatly appreciated....This is the most unnerving thing that has happened so far...If anyone can let me know any possible cause it would be greatly appreciated.....I hope you don't all think I am crazy, I know it's sounds strange, but it is definately happening..........I just timed it out with the turbines and it seems to be following the same pattern....I will definately being seeking medical advise on this one.....Nikki

The Wind is Back - dry eyes??

Well, the wind is back today and so are some of the issues....I stayed up late last night working on the computer. At 1:30am when I went to go to sleep, I could really hear the turbines. Luckily, I was so tired I fell asleep. When I woke this morning about 7:30, they were very loud and I had something new. My eyes felt dry and strained and sore. A pressure on the top of my eyeball at the back.... Now, I am actually thinking it could be from being on the computer until late last night, or possibly from being out in the pool in the sun yesterday , but I feel like I have to document everything, especially things we have not experienced before - just in case. I do remember part of a dream last night (which is great, to be dreaming I mean). The strange thing is the part of the dream I remember. The wallpaper in the room I was in seemed to be moving...it was out of focus, unclear kind of...as I blinked and strained to see it still I realized that on the pattern of the paper were movements. When I looked closer, each design was a wind turbine spinning. When the walls were finally still and I was able to look around at them, the wallpaper was a sea of tiny turbines (tops only), each of them spinning...So, was that by subconcious concern about the turbines, or did it come from the fact that I could hear and feel them while I was sleeping?? To be honest, I don't think much about them. I am far too busy to spend my time worrying about it. The only time I really think about it is when I am blogging, or speaking to someone about it, or someone in our family is being affected. I try to let it go, to not think about it. I am hoping that by not focusing on them and by believing that they are not a problem, that they will stop bothering us (The Secret)......so far though, it's not working. I probably don't have to tell you this, but my headache and the pressure in my head this morning are back at a dull ache. I also have a sharp pain in the rear of my skull, just below my left ear, and at the right centre of my head on the lower portion.
A friend of mine and his wife stopped by just after dinner last night to see the turbines. As they sat in the driveway, they were amazed at how close they were and he commented "you are right on top of them". This friend knows a lot about wind, energy and vibration and he is very concerned about us. He also mentioned that they thought it looked like the two closest to us appeared to be spinning slower than the others and asked if the turbine company had made changes to accomodate us. I have asked Kruger and they say they have not adjusted the turbines.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 26/27 - MOE

The MOE came by our home yesterday to hear our issues. They are at present trying to determine why the complaints filed previuosly did not end up in the hands of the proper people. It seems as though both the municipality of CK and Kruger Energy did in fact forward the complaints, however, they were not rec'd by the appropriate people at the MOE. At any rate, as of now, the MOE does have our official request for their involvement in our issues and they seem quite interested in investigating the issues to find the facts.

Yesterday was a pretty good day health wise, I was out of the house all morning, and actually found my headache subsided...it did return after being home a few hours, but not as strong as usual. However, this morning, I woke with a terrible, terrible headache, one of the worst so far. I can think of nothing I did, ate or drank that would have brought it on. I did not stay up late, nothing unusual. I did not take anything for it, and it has lessend over the day and is just a very dull ache on my forehead. As I work at the computer in the office, I can feel pressure in my ears today. It is a pressure like flying on a plane but not being able to pop your ears. My throat and glands feel sore as well. The turbines outside are turning, but not very quickly... I can see the reflection of the one closest to us in the water on the ground ( I can no longer see it through the trees from the office) The blades are blade, 1,2,missippi, next blade...so not very fast today.

Over the past few weeks, we all seem to have had relief...especially the past few days as we have closed the windows and turned on the air, which helps to drown out the noise, so we are sleeping better I think...Even my husband has noted that he is hearing them less at night. I also attribute this to the trees being filled with leaves and creating a buffer. Someone who I consider to be very knowledgable about wind and sound told me that a wall of straw will bounce sound, he said the trees would have a similar effect then the leaves and branches are full. Makes sense to me.

The most obvious cause of our relief would be the change in weather as the wind is blowing less often and with less force for the most part. We recently has a huge storm and a funnel cloud touched down in Alma, but of course during those storms it is raining heavily and often the rain combined with the thunder and lightening causes us not to notice the wind turbines.

I am glad for the relief, but worried about what will happen in the fall.

The kids seemed to have stopped banging their heads as I have not seen them do it lately. Wyatt vomited this morning for no apparent reason while sitting in the rocking chair near the window watching tv. Wyatt also continues to wake every day and say "mom, my legs are hurtin"...he can not explain how or where so I am not sure if this is the tingling that I had been experiencing in my extremities, or if it is a child's 'growing pains'. I will mention it when we finally get him in to see the doctor in July.

I think that's it for updates at present. Have a great weekend everyone!


If you think you are unaffected by Wind, please Read this

A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package.
"What food might this contain?" The mouse wondered.He was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap.
Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed this warning : "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, "Mr. Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it."

The mouse turned to the pig and told him, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The pig sympathized, but said, "I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, but there is nothing I can do about it but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers."

The mouse turned to the cow and said, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The cow said, "Wow, Mr. Mouse. I'm sorry for you,
but it's no skin off my nose."

So, the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the farmer's mousetrap
. . . Alone. . .

That very night a sound was heard throughout the house -- the sound Of a mousetrap catching its prey. The farmer's wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness, she did no see it.
It was a venomous snake whose tail was caught in the trap. The snake bit the farmer's wife.
The farmer rushed her to the hospital.

When she returned home she still had a fever. Everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup. So the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup's main ingredient:
But his wife's sickness continued. Friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock.

To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig.

But, alas, the farmer's wife did not get well... She died.

So many people came for her funeral that the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide enough meat for all of them for the funeral luncheon.

And the mouse looked upon it all from his crack in the wall with great sadness.

So, the next time you hear someone is facing a problem and you think it doesn't concern you,
remember --- When one of us is threatened, we are all at risk.
We are all involved in this journey called life. We must keep an eye out for one another and make an extra effort to encourage one another.



A Special Thank you to those who are not yet affected at their own homes by the Wind Turbines but continue to research and speak out for those of us who are....Thank you from the Horton Family....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25th - Ministry of Environment Information

After a few days of telephone tag, I was finally able to reach someone at the Ministry of Environment. They will be following up with me and will decide if an investigation is warranted. I will keep you posted on that as much as I can.


It is important to call your local MOE office and let them know directly that you wish to file a complaint (eg. noise, adverse health effects, other) regarding the wind turbines near your home. In my case, the Windsor office is the one to call and their number is 1-519-948-1464. When you call the MOE directly, they will take your information and have someone call you back to collect more information on your complaint. DO NOT RELY ON OTHER'S to forward your concerns. The MOE does not wish to receive third party complaints (understandably). If you have a complaint, please contact the MOE directly.

I hope this is helpful. I am optimistic regarding the beginning of MOE involvement, however, I expect this to be a long process.

HEALTH - As for our issues, two days ago was very bad for me, and yesterday was tough as well but keeping busy seems to help. Today I woke extremely exhausted but have been on the phone regarding this wind issue, computer issues and work all morning. While I feel tired, my headache seems to be relieved today. I do have an upper back ache, not sure what that is from? And, as I sit here and type, my right ear has an "itchy" feeling, with an occasional sharp pain. I am still feeling the ongoing feeling of a sore throat, swollen glands type feeling, but I do not appear to be ill and I see no visible signs of swelling or redness in my throat area. I hate to return to the doctor as I know our health system is stressed enough, however, I also know that medical monitoring of our symptoms is likely an important peice of information as we move forward with this wind issue. I have not noticed any unusual symptoms from the children except that our youngest again woke up this morning and immediately said "my legs hurt". I am not sure exactly what he is referring to, he can not explain it to me, but it seems like an odd statement.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23rd - I know you are waiting to hear about the MOE

Hi, I know you are waiting to hear about my discussion with the MOE person today. Unfortunately, I was on the phone whenever he called - that is what happens when you have so many government offices and people to deal with....we are going to try to connect tomorrow. I will keep you posted....Felt much better today, but certainly not 100% I was up til 4am last night and then had a very busy day....one good thing about keeping busy, no time to lie around and feel sick....

June 22nd - Under the Weather

Wow! Yesterday was very frustrating. After finding out the other evening that the complaints filed have not reached the MOE, I decided to make some calls. I started with the Windsor office of the MOE which is where I was told to call, they redirected me, and then I was redirected again...I finally reached a very helpful gentleman who did the leg work for me and hooked me up with the proper fellow. (he and I will speak today and then I will be sure to post accurate reporting information for everyone asap)...I also called the Municipality of CK and left a voice mail and currently we are playing phone tag but Marsha in the planning section sounded like she had called to check with the MOE as well (it was interesting that she has a completely different contact number than I do so obviously this being fairly new, the MOE has not really worked out the system as of yet) I also spoke to Joe at Kruger and he assured me that the complaint was in fact forwarded by Kruger to the MOE by purolator in March. I also asked Joe about the turbine by our house not moving while others are. He mentioned that although it did have a problem and needed an adjustment of some kind, other than that repair it has been running with the rest of them. They have submitted further information to the company who did the sound testing here and are do not have results as of yet....All in all, I spent a lot of time that I didn't have on the phone and leaving messages and missing calls and calling back....I was very ill last night. I suspect it may have been aggrevated by stress, but who knows, perhaps a 24 hour flu, or perhaps a side effect from the windmills as I worked from home late last week and was basically home for the entire weekend - I hope it's not a tolerance thing because I really don't want to HAVE to leave my home to feel better....I know I have said this before, but even though things are a bit better now, I am very worried about the fall and winter months when the wind picks up and we are home even more....
Victims of Wind and Wind Concerns of Ontario I noticed are working very hard to ensure that information is being sent to the correct people - at the MOE, in our municipal and provincial governments, and to the public. Be sure to check their websites for information. I really appreciate these people. Some of them are not even affected by the turbines and I am truly touched by the way they care about others and are speaking out for those who may not be able to speak for themselves.

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19th - A bit of Relief

I wanted to update everyone on my headache issue. I have actually been feeling a fair bit of relief over the past little bit. It seems the headache is lessened. I had thought maybe it was because the weather has been milder (less wind), and there has been rain as well (I seem to not notice it as much when we have storms)....but, I am now concerned that this is a false sense of security. For the third time this week, I have noticed that the turbine nearest our home is not running. At about 3:45pm today I was driving down the Four Rod Road and could clearly see that all the turbines in our area were moving except the one closest to our home. I watched it for at least 5 minutes and it did not move more than slightly to one side or the other. There have been various tests run at our house over the past month and I hate to think that the wind energy project is in any way tampering with the readings, but I must admit, it does seem odd that ALL of the other turbines are running and that one is not. If anyone can offer information on this, I would certainly appreciate it as the last time I contacted the city, who in turn contacted Kruger, I was told the wind turbine was functioning fine. I could see that it was not moving but was told that it was likely just turning itself into the wind and would start shortly. According to their instruments, "everything was running fine".

Letter from my Neighbor to CK Council

I have been given permission to post a copy of this letter one of my nieghbors wrote to council and sent in just before the June 15th meeting. I have not met her in person, and we have never spoken prior to the conversation mentioned in her letter.

Copy of letter to Council:
I decided one day to give my neighbour a call, I wanted to see what she thought of the wind turbines and if she was having any problems and if she knew who we could contact regarding our problems since the turbines have been running. WOW was I surprised she described my headaches to a T, she was getting the same headaches that I have been experiencing EVERYday for months now.
I made a doctors appointment because I couldn't take the headaches anymore, some days were to the point that I almost vomited. At first we thought it was due to my job, the work I do, my doctor told me to try advil, motrin and gave me tylenol 3 when they get bad. People at work thought I was crazy taking at least 3-4 pills everyday for the pain. But, come March of 2009 I was laid off and thought great now my headaches will stop, but was I wrong they continue today. I have seen my doctor acouple more times regarding this matter, he can't seem to be able to explain them, my next appointment is July.7/09
Iam not the only one in our house effected by these wind turbines, my husband has been showing signs of memory loss, he has been experiencing headaches also and I don't recall him ever getting headaches and we both have been feeling more depressed then day to day living and can't understand why.
Oh and lets talk about our horse, he seemed more jumpy, his stall was a real mess in the mornings not like the norm, it seemed that he would do circles at night, he would pace, we couldn't explain it nor understand it.
We also have a big concern regarding our property value, now that these turbines are in our back yard the value has gone down, ask yourself would you want to live this close to them?
Please don't get us wrong we are all for green energy anything to help the planet it has been damaged enough, but when do we say wait a minute our health and way of life comes first.

Thank you for your time

End of Letter.

June 19th - Why I don't watch the news....

I often avoid watching the news because it is so depressing. I have concluded that if I really need to know, someone will tell me. But today I was watching a news report on chemicals in childrens toys. It was regarding the phthalates that are in many toys and can cause health issues under certain conditions (click the title of this blog for the link to the news story).....the people on the news were stating how far Canada is behind when it comes to safety issues and it of course made me think of the turbine issue. For those of you who are of the belief that our government would not allow wind turbine projects to be put up if they were not safe, please look at the facts. Time and time again, we see how our government ignores scientific findings, health complaints and more in the interest of progress. (Progress = Money). For those asking for turbines to be built any less than a few km's from people, and this includes your own home, please think again. There is a saying - we don't know, what we don't know, until we know. I understand that some of the people for wind energy would like the power to make their own decisions, but I have to wonder what those same people would do if they became ill. Would they look for compensation? Would they blame the government for not telling them what could happen? Would they look back and realize that the money did not dramatically change their lives, but that the illness did? If you still believe that wind power is 100% safe, I encourage you to realize that wind power is industrial and the hazards associated with it are industrial. Investigate the possible side effects and make informed decisions people. And to our CK Council, many of whom seem to be mentioning job creation from wind energy. If continued in this fashion, you will create even more jobs than you think. When the population around the turbines is unable to work due to health issues, and the health care system is even more overstressed than it is at present, we will need people to do our jobs, and to take care of us as well.......OK, that's my two cents after watching the news.
Some of you have been emailing and calling me, which is great, but I wish you would post your comments so that everyone could have the value of input from both sides.....Nikki

June 18th - I almost forgot

During my conversation with the farmer as mentioned in my last post, he said something else that made me think. In discussing the vibration and the feelings we are experiencing in our home, he said "your soil must not be as good as ours"...I think he was kind of kidding, but it made me think of something else. We used to get rights to a well under our property, oil or natural gas or somemthing. You can see in the picture on the blog where the drill site was because when the picture was taken they were actually removing that drill site. They took it out because they said it wsa dry and then they put one up a few concessions over and are pumping from it. Anyway, that conversation made me think about the layers of the earth and the way vibration and low frequency noise might be conducted differently in different situations. I wonder if becuase we have that cavity of gas/oil/emptiness, whatever it is under us, if it affects the amount of vibration we feel. Does anyone out there have more inforamtion on this? Do any of the other victims of wind know if they have a similar situation in their area? I would love if we could identify a commonality that would help to prevent further people from suffering.....I am really just thinking out loud now...it's late, I should try to sleep but I can't help going over all of the information I heard tonight in my head......Goodnight Nikki

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18th - What I learned

Tonight's meeting was very informative. Although I have my doubts about whether any of the information discussed will find it's way to the appropriate decision makers, I am glad I attended as I learned several things. I learned that my complaints did not make it to the MOE, even though both the municipality and Kruger has stated to me that my complaints were forwarded, and even though I sent a request for elevation, and even though I am quite sure I also sent my complaint to the MOE (apparantly I sent it to the wrong branch). I learned that tonight's meeting was not meant to be a formal record...after speaking to the organizers afterwards, I was told that they did not take notes meant for formal submission, it was only an information session and that all comments and suggestions, ideas need to be submitted as indicated on the last slide. I learned that the setbacks from property lines do in fact make no sense from a farmer's point of view as it means they have to split up their property instead of having the turbines at the edges - that makes no sense even to me...where is the common sense in this thing? Probably the most important moment for me tonight was when I was speaking to a local farmer who lives near me (I won't name him because I did not get his permission to), he has no problems with the turbines on his property and was surprised that we are having any difficulties...the moment that got me though was when he was explaining all that he had witnessed over his decades of farming, and all that they put up with and Never, never in his life was he compensated like this. I believe his words were: this is the least obtrusive thing and it pays the highest dividends, there is more money being made from those turbines than one could hope to make per acre on the farm. My first thought and question to him was "doesn't that make you wonder why?" It sure made me wonder, why would the wind energy companies pay so much money to bring in their turbines? Could it be that they expect problems with health and hope that the money will keep people from complaining? I do not know, but what I do know is that no amount of money would have been enough to keep us from noticing the noise, and health affects we are feeling from the turbines. To those who are having them put up around their homes, I caution you, and I truly hope that you and your families are the lucky ones who are unaffected by them. Thank you so much to all of you who came to tonight's meeting with open minds and hearts. It was good to hear both sides being well presented by most in attendance. Nikki


There is a meeting tonight at Club Lentina's in Chatham from 7-9. As I understand it this is a public meeting for input regarding the regulations of the new Green Energy Act. I urge all of you with concerns/questions about wind projects to attend and ask your questions. The province (especially the MOE) need to hear the message loud and clear (stop turbines/transformers until they are proven safe -- turn off the ones currently causing harm to people -- compensate those that have already been affected)

I hope that this meeting tonight is productive. As you read in my blog from the meeting on Monday evening, I encountered some close minded people when I tried to hear the other side of the arguement. Not only did they not wish to hear my side, they did not wish to speak to me at all! It is a very sad state of affairs when people are so filled with an idea that they refuse to listen openly and weigh both sides of any arguement. I must say that in the little bit of exposure I have had, I do see that those who are against wind energy, in most cases, are not entirely against it, they are merely stating Keep it far enough away from people and animals so that it does not cause harm until you can figure out a way to ensure it does not disrupt and harm the innocent. Kudos to you for being willing to find a comprimise. Shame on those who refuse to keep an open mind and work together.

Below is an account of something that happened before the meeting on Monday evening. It was before I arrived and I did not witness it, but I will post the information I received from a blog reader for your information. It is in the form of a letter and reply sent to the mayor regarding the incident.
The letter:

Mayor Hope,

I was present at the meeting on Monday when a person who did not identify
himself approached several of the residents and demanded that a banner be
removed. He was asked "Why?" He response was "Remove it" The banner was
not taken down. Shortly after that another person who also did not
identify himself came and removed the banner and also another banner. I
found their actions to be very rude and disrespectful. I have been to
other meetings and have not seen this happen.
" Members of the public attending a committee and/or council meeting shall
respect the decorum of council and refrain from outburst, shouting, or
behaviour intended to disrupt the debate, discussion and / or general
proceedings of the council"
The seated residents were not disrupting in any way.
The two men were later identified as Mr. Browning CAO and Mr. K. Cooper.
I can only assume the these two men held a prejudiced issue with the
message on the banner."MORE TURBINES = MORE VICTIMS"
Freedom of expression and freedom of speech are the not to be taken away.
You may not of been aware when this happened but it did happen and I will
be waiting for your response.

The response:
I have received your email and wish to advise that at no time, are banners,
placards or other materials allowed to be displayed in Council Chambers as
disrespect of council decorum is not acceptable. The persons who removed
the banners were acting under the Mayor's direction to comply with that
decorum and members of the public attending a council meeting must respect
the decorum of Council Chambers as well. Members of the public are,
however, encouraged to attend public meetings to demonstrate their interest
in municipal issues.

Randy R. Hope, Mayor/CEO
Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Personally, if this is indeed what happened, my only question is why Mr. Browning and Mr. Cooper could not have simply approached the people with the banner in a respectful way and explained that banners were not to be displayed in council chambers.....just because someone has an opinion that is contradictory, does not make them a trouble-maker, or less of citizen, and does not take away their right to be treated with the respect that they deserve. The unfortunate part of all politics is that one side usually has "the power". As witnessed in council chambers on Monday evening, the public was not given the opportunity to speak and therefore only the banners on the walls, and the T-shirts worn by green energy supporters were the conveyor of the fact that two opposing messages were even present. Only our councillors were allowed to speak/question the issue, and a couple of them made sure to get their feelings heard. For example, Ms. Karen Herman who stated something like "let's get on with this,my constituents want turbines and the revenue".
The more demonstration of behaviour I am seeing on this issue, the less I understand how mature, professional individuals can act like children. I guess if you watch the politics on tv and the way they carry on, it's become part of our government to shout and holler and those who take the "best shots" seem to get the loudest applause...kind of reminds me of Ultimate fighting but with suits and no cage.....Something to think about.....Nik

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16th - Can you hear the Thunder Daddy

Today my husband took the boys swimming in the pool in our backyard after dinner. My three year old kept asking, do you hear the thunder daddy? I hear the the thunder. It was the wind turbines. As i sit here in the office typing, I can hear them outside woosh,1,2,woosh,1,2,woosh and then right behing that woosh, the second and I think I even hear a third windmill woosh,woosh,woosh. They are very loud tonight. The wind is blowing from our direction towards the windmills, and the blades are pointed towards us tonight. My 3 year old just came in as I am typing. He wants to know when the noise is stopping. It's 10:48 and he is still awake. My husband is also awake and about a half an hour ago he said to me " I wish I had the phone numbers of all the people who said the turbines are quiet, I would like to call them up and ask them if they could chat with me since I can't sleep anyway". I know he will have a long night and I feel badly for him. It's very difficult to have sleepless night after sleepless night and not get any relief. At least I know I'll sleep, not very well, but I will sleep. I can't imagine just laying there unable to sleep night after night, it must be so frustrating for him. Well, I am going to go try to reasuure my little guy that the noise is not scary or bad and try to help him fall asleep - it can't be good for his little growing body to be up at 11pm and have to get up at 7am......At least my headache was eased a bit for most of the day...it's back now, but I spent most of the day and evening in Chatham and was actually feeling pretty good until about 45 minutes ago when the headache returned... Nikki

Monday, June 15, 2009

W5 Report

This takes a while to watch (probably about 20 minutes at least) but it is worth it if you want some good information on what is going on....It was really interesting to me as this was the first time I saw this coverage. In fact, I have not seen much coverage and only recently began to get second hand information and check the odd website. The woman interviewed on this W5 interview who was forced to leave her home could be me. As I listed to her descriptions, her symptoms, her initial thoughts on wind energy and even her final thoughts, it was like deja-vu. I have said those exact things. I have those exact sypmtoms. I have never met this woman or heard her story. How can this be disregarded?

June 15th, Council Meeting Defers Decision

I am so disappointed by the people I witnessed this evening. I can not even begin to describe how I am feeling. My husband and I attended the council meeting and basically, what has happened is that council voted to defer the issue until the August planning meeting. The way I understand it, the changes to the Green Energy Act, and the different setbacks in place from the Ministry of Environment are not 100% finalized. If Chatham Kent was to go ahead and approve the wind projects tonight, they may have to move turbines later if they were in contradiction to the new rules....It appears that the new rulings may be more focused on provincial decisions and take some of the control out of the municipalities hands. Our Mayor Randy Hope stated that it was up to "them" (himself and councillors I believe) to do their homework and be sure to find ways to hear both sides of this issue so that they will be able to properly represent the community if the public is taken out of the equation so to speak. In my opinion, they had so many people in the room tonight, it may have been prudent to allow both sides to speak. I am optimistic but doubtful that we will get our chance. It sounded to me like when the August meeting comes we will be told that it is a provincial decision and there is nothing that can be done. So I guess we just wait. In the mean time, I am going to have to contact Mr. Hope to see if he would like to do his part in the due diligence by meeting with me to hear what is happening in our home, and our neighbors homes.....But, that is not what disappointed me. It was what happened afterwards in the hall. There were a number of people wearing shirts in support of wind energy. I approached a group of them in what I felt was a friendly manner. I introduced myself and said something like " I see your shirts, I was wondering, do any of you live near the turbines?" The response from one women was "yes, we do". My reply, "and you have not noticed any side effects or issues from them?" She said "no, we haven't". I said that they were lucky because I also live near the turbines and my husband, and my children age 5 and 3 and myself are all suffering from what I believe to be Wind Turbine Syndrome. I went on to say that I have had a headache for months, but then I realized that the body language and expressions I was getting were not friendly. I said "you don't want to talk to me do you?" To which the reply was NO. The group turned away from me and I was shocked. I thought that by being open-minded to both sides of the issue perhaps we could work together to find solutions, but for some reason, this group had absolutely no interest in hearing about my issue. This surprised me because even if I was for something, if I found out that people, and especially children were being hurt by it, I would want to hear first hand what was going on before I continued supporting it. It makes me wonder, What have they been told? Do they think we are making it up? Do think we have been paid by someone to say bad things about wind energy? I suppose it might make it easier to believe that if you are benefiting financially from something. I guess as long as you can tell yourself that you aren't hurting anyone, that makes it okay. It is really a sad state of affairs though. I sincerely hope those people continue to be unaffected by the turbines because I would not wish this on anyone. A few minutes later, I saw a man trying to say something to someone, I'll call him Mr. G, Mr. G was polite to the fellow and said something like "yes, I know, I know, I have read your letters, I have heard your issues"; when the man walked away, another person asked Mr. G, What that was all about. Mr G replied that "there is a group of people trying to stop the wind turbines, they will do and say anything just to stop progress, they are ridiculous"....Then he caught my eye and realized I was listening so he cleared his throat and changed the subject....Very sad behaviour indeed. I am far from perfect, but one thing I have always been proud of is that I can have an open mind to just about anything. We should all be open to change, and to learning about new things. If there are problems, we should work together to fix them. I did not see that attitude from any of the people I witnessed after the meeting who were wearing the t-shirts with Isupportwindenergy.com on them. To those people, if you are reading my blog, I invite you to contact me as I would welcome the opportunity to explain to you our issues. I wish you would have allowed me the chance to tell you that we are not against the turbines, just against putting them where they affect nearby residence. Surely there is enough vacant land in Ontario that we do not need to have one 600m from our door that is causing us health issues. Or, possibly there is a potential solution if someone would actually acknoweldge the issues, then we could work on solutions instead of wasting time arguing what will I am positive eventually be too big of an issue to ignore.
Everyone, please contact your councillors and the mayor and let them know that there are issues to be heard. Remind them that they need to do their due diligence and their homework as Mayor Hope said and hear both sides of the issue so that they can properly represent us to provincial government when the time comes.
I want to apologize to several people who introduced themselves to me tonight and are in support of better guidelines and setbacks for wind turbines. My headache was already so bad from working at home all day, and then my frustration from the meeting and the encounter afterwards made it worse. On top of that, the hallway outside the council chambers was very loud and crowded. I was finding it very difficult to concentrate on what people were saying and I am positive that to at least one gentleman I may have seemed rude. I apologize. I am very interested in meeting people on both sides of the debate and hope you will forgive me if I did not seem interested in what you had to say. All of the people who spoke to me, I believe were not for wind energy and I certainly feel for you if you are also living near a wind turbines and suffering the side affects. Sorry.
Goodnight. Nikki

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 14 - So Tired

I woke up this morning after sleeping all night, or at least I thought I was sleeping, and I am so tired that I can hardly believe it. It is reminiscent of the winter months when we would wake up in the morning and wonder if there was a CO leak because we felt so groggy....This is a real roller coaster......Here is an interesting thought: We opened the pool and the boys and my husband are swimming. It is an above ground that has been sunk into the ground almost all the way to the top. I feel a bit silly, but should I be worried about electrical currents? I feel like I need to question everything these days since we thought we were protected but now find out we are not.....If anyone can give me information that will make me feel better about underground voltage, I would really appreciate it. Thanks ;-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009



I am writing to you because I believe that EVERYONE in Chatham Kent has the right to know what is happening to innocent families all around Chatham Kent, and Ontario.

At first when we found out that we were getting Wind Turbines installed next to our home, we were excited. We liked the thought of Green Energy, and potential job creation. I personally enjoy the way they look on the horizon, and, we thought perhaps we would benefit from them in some drop in our electicity prices as well. When we found out that some of our neighbors were able to recieve some money for having the wind turbines put on their property, we were happy for them. We called in only twice to ask questions about the turbines. We were assured that they were quiet and unobtrusive and that we would "barely even know they were there". It never occurred to us that there would be severe health effects to worry about. How could there be? Our government would never allow that...

Once the Wind turbines were up and running, we were shocked at how loud they are. My husband can not sleep at all when they are turning (it sounds like living at an airport where the plane never takes off), and I am unable to reach deep sleep. At first, we thought of it as just an annoyance, but then we put together several health problems we had been experiencing in our household - all of us, the children too - with the timing of the installation of the wind turbines. Now that I have found some sources of information, I can clearly see that the symptoms we have been having are the same or similar to other families all around the world.

I am shocked to find out about the number of people who have been forced to leave their homes, right here in Ontario! All of them with similar symptoms that developed only after the wind turbines were erected. Since no official, proper studies have been conducted, the wind energy owners state that there is "no proof" that this is the cause. I am reminded of other "safe" introductions to our society in history - nicotine, hormones for women, chemicals in baby bottles, pesticides......This is a case where it is very clear that many, many people are suffering from headaches, vomiting, dizziness, ear ringing, sleep deprivation, aches and tingling in extremities, lack of memory, rashes, irratibility, and more.... in a private survey, a large percentage of respondants indicated that they were suffering from one or more of the symptoms.





Nikki Horton and Family
Near Dealtown, Ontario

June 13 - Better Day

I had a great sleep last night, and virtually no headache today! My only issue was that when I woke up I had a strange "hive" like rash on my left shoulder. This is very similar to what my husband has had so I hope it's not going to start affecting me also.
As I look out the window now, the windmill is turning, but not very quickly. I was disappointed yesterday as Hydro One was supposed to be here but postponed until Monday. The kids seemed to sleep well and seem to be doing quite well. I am thankful for the milder weather which seems to have eased some of the issues with the windmills.
I am concerned about the meeting on Monday evening. If council accepts more windmills, I feel so badly for those who will not even realize what is happening to them until the winter months come. We did not make the connection until well into the winter. I am worried also that since we are now sensitive to the side effects that when they return full force in the higher winds that they will be even worse for us. I just try to keep the thought in my head that hopefully it is not worse than we know. I think sometimes about cancers, brain damage, body and tissue damage, hearing and eyesight... especially when I hear the kids playing and laughing...I wonder, should we try to sell our home? Just in case....what if the kids growing minds and bodies suffer because of that which is unknown to us. As I hear from experts in the field who are certain that wind turbines cause health issues, I wonder what we should do. Is it too much to ask that our government(s) properly investigate the issues and keep us safe? I always thought that was part of living in Canada, protection from big business who would endanger our lives for the sake of the mighty dollar.....I guess that was very naive of me.
Trying to think positive, be positive and hold out hope for responsible government, Nikki.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11th - Update to date and Council Meeting

Two nights ago, my husband woke up around 2 or 3 am and was having a "dizzy feeling". He could not get back to sleep, and felt nauseous. We had thought the milder weather was helping our symptoms, but I am deeply concerned what will happen when the fall returns. We still have all of our symptoms although some of them seem a bit lessened at present (which makes sense as the turbines have been much slower and on some days not turning at all). One symptom that continues to worsen for me is the headache. When I am away from here, it seems to disappear, but on my return home it comes back and seems to be getting worse. It is not a migraine, but a dull aching in my front forehead, sinus area and around my jaw and ears. I often feel as if my glands are swollen, like today for example, but when checked the doctor says she sees no evidence of an infection. Our biggest worry at present is with our oldest son. He enjoys watching movies in the evening, and some television with his father. Lately, when watching anything, he constantly complains that he can not hear and wants to turn the television up to it's highest volume. We will definitely be having his hearing and eyesight tested, however, he was tested not that long ago and so I am very worried that his inability to hear is related to the "sound" he mentions often. I believe he is suffering from a ringing in his ears but does not know how to describe it.
This is why the Council Meeting on the 15th is so important to all of us. There are new regulations for the Green Energy act, and I am not sure how they will affect the Chatham Kent proposals. I know that a Certificate of Approval from the Ministry of Environment is required and I am not sure if all of the projects have theirs as of yet so perhaps they will be subject to the new rulings. I believe that under the new rules turbines within 3 km of a residence need to be regulated and not send out over a certain decibel of noise. I believe it was less than 3km when the turbine near our home was put up, so perhaps there is some hope for others moving forward. I still don't understand why the wind turbine companies can not just agree to be a suitable distance from homes. Surely there is enough unpopulated area in Ontario to run wind energy without being so close to our homes.

More Information on Symptoms - HYDRO ONE

Thank you to everyone who has been sending us the information they find on the internet and in the media!!! This is very, very helpful.....
Here is one to share for anyone with similar sympotoms!!!

Found another reference for you...
in a Minnesota Board of Health report (can be found on WCO website) p 15
"case studies ...show health can be impacted by relatively low levels of low frequency noise...
Feldman J. and FA Pitten (2004).Effects of low frequency noise on man-a case study.Noise and Health 7(25):23-28.
-describes a family exposed to low freq noise (fr a heating plant) ... impacts were: indisposition, decreased performance, sleep disturbance, headache, ear pressure, crawl parasthesy (crawling, tingling or numbness sensation on the skin), shortness of breath

By the way eveyone....Hydro One called and will be coming to visit our home to test for stray voltage (dirty electrcity) very soon...I will keep you posted on that.....Here is an interesting question for you to ponder... In calling Hydro One, they were quick to agree to investigate the problem based on symptoms....hmmmm, that must mean that there is some confirmation that stray voltage and dirty electricity exists and can cause health problems....Okay, so why is it that the wind companies are sure, so positively sure that their form of energy (which generates electricity) could not be causing a problem....Hmmmmmm.....I wonder....."me thinks they may protest too much"


Please act now and assist the Chatham Kent Wind Concerns organization and my family, and our neighbors, and your friends, family, and neighbors, and your community!!!

We need EVERYONE we know to send a message to Chatham-Kent council before they consider approving another 100 turbines this Monday June 15. Please go to the following website home page: www.ckwag.org scroll down to ACT Now... email Municipality (on the left side of the page) and follow the directions to send the message (people's health needs to take priority over wind development)to council. Thanks!

I expect all the people with money at stake (leaseholders) will be there in full force, so we need lots of people who have concerns to be there too. Now is not the time to sit silently by and watch the wind turbines being erected. If you have ANY concerns about the health and welfare of people in our community who are being affected, even if you are not personally affected at this time, I encourage you to attend and ask council to perform further studies before going ahead with progress for the sake of progress. We can always erect wind turbines at a later date, with proper setbacks, but once they are up and people are suffering, it becomes a much harder problem to fix.

Thank you for your consideration! You can make a difference, every voice counts - hope to see you Monday at Council Chambers.

Nikki Horton

June 7 - Victims Of Wind - VOW organization formed

People from across Ontario who welcomed wind turbines into their community are now coming forward with questions and concerns about disturbed living conditions and health concerns and don't know where to turn.

Some have been driven from their homes. Some can’t afford to leave and just try to cope. Many of these people are re-victimized by the denial of any adverse health effects from wind companies and from disbelief expressed by far too many government and by some medical officials. Some members of the general public stand under or near a turbine for a few minutes and decide it isn't so bad - that they aren't noisy, then dismiss the victims by saying that the turbines emit no disturbing amount of noise and vibration as far as they could tell.

What they fail to experience is the turbine noise and vibration every day and night for weeks on end along with the changes in sound and vibration that accompany nightfall, changing weather and wind conditions.

“The following are symptoms of some people living in proximity to wind turbine installations as reported by Dr. N. Pierpont:

1) Sleep problems: noise or physical sensations of pulsation or pressure make it hard to go to sleep and cause frequent awakening.
2) Headaches which are increased in frequency or severity.
3) Dizziness, unsteadiness, and nausea.
4) Exhaustion, anxiety, anger, irritability, and depression.
5) Problems with concentration and learning.
6) Tinnitus (ringing in the ears).”

Chronic sleep disturbance is the most common symptom. Exhaustion, mood problems, and problems with concentration and learning are outcomes of poor sleep.

VOW, Victims of Wind, is a support group recently formed for those people. In less than one month over 40 people have joined.

This province needs epidemiologic studies to determine the extent of harm being imposed on rural communities by industrial wind turbines. This majority McGuinty liberal government must stop the rush of sprawling construction of new projects until they begin to understand the adverse effects from existing operating turbines on Ontario's residents. The health of our neighbours needs to take precedence over the profits of the wind industry.

If you, or anyone you know is having difficulty, please call toll free 1-888-700-5655 or email vow2help@gmail.com .

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sorry for my Absence

Sorry Everyone for my absence, my computer was in the shop....Now that I have it back, you can watch for updates today or tomorrow.....also, plesee note the link to ckwag.org....our city council is set to approve 100 more turbines for Chatham Kent this Monday the 15th...please follow the link to find out more information on how you can come forward to prevent this. I hope that as many people as possible will speak up and let council know that it is not okay to proceed with further turbines while so many are suffering from the noise, vibration and other factors caused by them. Thanks again for your support......

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3 - 4:57 pm

I have been working at home today and my sinuses are popping and my head is throbbing like crazy...I see out my window that the turbines are turning quite quickly, there is quite a bit of wind. I can not hear them over the ceiling fan, the radio and the clicking of my typing, but I have to wonder what is causing this pressure in my head. It's funny, but I actually consider myself lucky - i was told about one woman who could barely get out of bed. She suffered from terrible, terrible migraines she says are the result of the turbines. Today is overcast and windy. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the family sleeps tonight when they get home. I am feeling pretty good about the possibility that the trees block the effects a bit, maybe we'll have a good summer...and, if that's true, that would mean that something can be done to shelter us from the turbines next door. Have a Great Day. Nik

June 3rd - Supporting Letter to the Editor in CK News

I see that a letter in support of my previous letter to the editor was in yesterday's paper. If you follow the link, you will see some varying opinions on the wind turbine issue.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd - They came to take out the sound equipment

We had quite a storm last night, I did not hear the windmills, but my youngest was coughing very, very hard at 2am. Treated him with puffers and he was able to fall back to sleep. I have been told that this chest coughing can be a side effect of dirty electricity, perhaps the storm affects it?? At 5am my oldest was also coughing but not as bad. Today, they both seemed fine when I sent them off to the sitter....I could not fall back to sleep so I was up most of the night. I could hear thunder at times, and rain, but did not notice the turbines.
Today is very quiet, barely any wind and they are hardly turning. As I sit in my office with the window open and listen to the birds outside, it is so nice not to hear the woosh, woosh and the hum in the background...My headache seems to have subsided quite a bit today, only a dull pain in the front, barely noticable.
The representatives from the sound company were here today to remove the equipment. They said it will take some time before they can report to Kruger because they have a lot of data to go through. They also said that part of their job is to verify that the turbines were in fact running. This made me feel better because I have noticed, as have others, that the two nearest us seem to have been running slower, or not at all on some days. I am hopeful that the report will find some issues with the noise and that we can at least address that variable. I am not sure how we will address the rest....Going to give Hydro One a call now and see if they can come out and test for dirty electricity....exhausting all the possibilities, and exhausted! Thanks for reading...I will keep you posted...

June 2nd - Letter from Ripley - 5 families!

>> Dear Nikki and family,
>> We have and still are experiencing the symptoms your family describes. You
>> are very strong to blog your experiences. Our family and 4 other families
>> tried the meetings with the companies, the sound testing, yes, in our
>> bedroom, too, and the endless calls begging for relief.
>> The two companies did billet us in town for months, did cut our homes
>> off of Hydro One and put us on stand alone generators, buried small
>> sections of high voltage lines and some other work, but, our home is not
>> yet 100% back to normal.
>> It is hard to trust anyone who says they are experts and can help. It is
>> hard to call into the Spill Action Center in T.O. to report another loud
>> night, even though I know it is the right thing to do to have the incident
>> report on record.
>> The company must take some kind of action to stop the sound problem,
>> since the MOE certificate of approval for the turbines depends upon the
>> 40db level being met.
>> In every letter to Premier McGinty we have ask for help and we asked
>> that no other family in Ontario should suffer as we have. As a group of 11
>> people we thought we were "doing the right thing" by not speaking publicly
>> and by trying to fix things on a "person to person" respectful level.
>> We always took the company reps at their word. We believed their concern
>> was genuine and their studies would end up helping us...OH, we were wrong.
>> Last October's meeting ended with them telling us that all the studies
>> were up to standards and we were being "brainwashed " into believing our
>> symptoms and we were 40 and 50 year old ladies with gravitational humming
>> in our heads (How respectful was that?).
>> Now we are on another set of studies and we are suppose to have another
>> meeting.
>> Since January we have received morale and knowledge based support from
>> other regular people in Ontario in a group called Wind Concerns Ontario.
>> Just regular people who wanted to help. At first I didn't trust another
>> set of experts, but, being a science teacher for 27 years I realized I was
>> not getting all the truth.
>> The truth about industrial wind turbines, industry bias in government
>> policies, electrical pollution and the effects on our health.
>> I was,to say the least ticked that the company reps who sat at my
>> dining room table appearing to be so concerned had access to all kinds of
>> the factual data and nonindustrial research that the Wind Concerns group
>> passed on to us.
>> And all the while the companies allowed harm to continue to come to
>> our families. If there is anytime you want to e mail me at home or at my
>> school email to ask questions or share what we have tried and are trying I
>> would be more than happy to help.
It would my way of helping as those in WCO have helped us.
>> Thinking of each of you and knowing that your biggest wish is for THIS TO
>> nightmare for our family units and health.)
>> S.M. and neighbours in the Ripley Wind Project

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st - Hydro One, I doubt it

Thank you again Anonymous...I will be contacting Hydro One tomorrow and will post results...the representative from Kruger suggested that since we are at the end of a power line our problems could be from them....

June 1st - Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me or posted comments. Your support is very encouraging.
To Anonymous of May 31st - Yes, some of my nieghbors are expressing concern, however, the ones in Dealtown which is a bit further from the wind turbines are hesitant to admit that their problems are related to the turbines, as are many. It is a difficult situation because at first you don't put it together, and then when you do, you wonder if it could really be the turbines. Until you are able to track the movement of the turbines against your reocurring symptoms, you almost feel a bit foolish to think they could be related. A perfect example recently is when someone told me of their rash issue - it was only then that I had an "a-ha" moment and thought about my husband's rash, my son's, and even my own (I have had skin issues all of my life, but my husband and son have not) Now that I am aware that could be one of the side effects, we are following the rash and our other issues and watching what the windmills are doing when it acts up - it only bothers him when he is at home, when he sleeps away from home he is fine....Our immediate neighbors have only just moved in and have not had a chance to notice more than the occasional noise from the windmills, which I must admit is a bit quieter now that the leaves have come onto the trees - I hope that is what is keeping them quieter because the leaves came in full about the same time the noise testing started and I would hate to believe that the wind energy company has slowed them in some way....Myself and others did notice that the two nearest our home seemed to be spinning slower than the rest, and at times were not turning at all. I contacted the municipality, who in turn contacted Kruger energy and according to the fellow in charge of the wind turbines, his computer showed they were both functioning fine. He suggested that perhaps they were just turning themselves at that time into the direction of the wind as we had a lot of wind directional change during that week. To answer your question: yes, others are affected. Some speak about it, some will not speak publicly for various reasons, some say they have absolutely no problems (these particular people have windmills on their property and recieve money from them so I am not sure if they are allowed to speak about any problems they may experience as they have signed a contract). What is needed is an official study/survey of all residence living and working within 5km of the wind turbines to see what type of issues truly exist. I believe that many have still not connected their symptoms with the turbines and go on with health issues they do not have an explanation for.

To Skyler: Thank you for your comment on May 31 and the information on the Green Energy Act, I will definately look up the petition.

Today my youngest's rash on his hand is not any better. I worked from home today and the wind turbines were quite loud during the day - you could hear the woosh, woosh of the blades and my office assistant commented that it sounded like an airplane. My headache seems to have subsided quite a bit and I actually feel pretty good, but here is a new one - while putting my hair up in a ponytail this afternoon, I leaned far forward and got an odd rush of "fluid" feeling in my nasal cavity. It felt exactly like when you are swimming and you get water in your nose. It was very strange, I stood up and it went away. This is the first time this has happened, and I hope the last because it was an aweful feeling!!!

I had a visitor in my office the other day who was hear for a good portion of the day and found her ears were popping a bit and her jaw was sore near her ear. I have since found out that this could be the conduction of low frequency vibration being picked up in the air pockets at the end of the jaw. I have had similar jaw issues since the erection of the wind turbines. Again, I did not link it and assumed I was clenching my teeth at night and perhaps getting a sore jaw from that. I saw my dentist who fit me for a night splint to try to relieve the pain/stiffness in my jaw (I have not rec'd the splint yet). I am now wondering if it is wind turbine related because as I think about it, the pain in my jaw is also something that I don't remember experiencing when we were away from home more than two nights....
Do you see what I mean about the symptoms happening to people and yet they may not realize what the cause is. I have a friend about a kilometer away and her and her daughter have been ill with unexplained cold like symptoms, specifically excessive coughing and respiratory problems for most of the winter....the doctor's can not figure out what is cauing it, I am wondering if they are extremely sensitive and are in fact suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS) or dirty electricity or some other side effect. One would not think that being that far away you could be affected. But then again, until the Ontario waitress won her WSIB case for cancer caused by second hand smoke, who would have thought that you could contract "smokers" cancers and never have smoked a day in your life!?!?