Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Monday, February 20, 2012

Updated Map of Chatham Kent Wind Turbines

For an updated map, visit the link and scroll down just a bit ... it is mind boggling...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Letter by Email to MP, MPP, Health Canada

From: Nikki Horton
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2012 9:08 AM
To: rick.nicholls@pc.ola.org ; wlmailhtml:%7BAE2BA2D0-26AA-460B-BF20-714A53FC246E%7Dmid://00000307/!x-usc:mailto:dave.vankesteren@parl.gc.ca
Subject: Request for assistance - Horton
Dear Honourable Gentlemen,

As our MP and MPP, I request that you please view the letter below. My
family and myself are suffering on a daily basis. Our requests for assistance
have been ignored by our mayor, our government and government agencies such as
the Ministry of Environment since 2009. Please see the letter below and find
out about the human suffering caused by wind turbines in this area.

Can we count on your for representation? Are you aware of the problems we,
and others, are having? What have you done, or, are you doing to help with the
protection of the public.

A response would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Nikki Horton
(for Gerred, Owen, Wyatt Horton also)

From: Nikki Horton
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2012 9:00 AM
To: wlmailhtml:%7BAE2BA2D0-26AA-460B-BF20-714A53FC246E%7Dmid://00000307/!x-usc:mailto:leona.aglukkaq@parl.gc.ca ; wlmailhtml:%7BAE2BA2D0-26AA-460B-BF20-714A53FC246E%7Dmid://00000307/!x-usc:mailto:glenda.yeates@hc-sc.gc.ca ; wlmailhtml:%7BAE2BA2D0-26AA-460B-BF20-714A53FC246E%7Dmid://00000307/!x-usc:mailto:hilary.geller@hc-sc.gc.ca ; wlmailhtml:%7BAE2BA2D0-26AA-460B-BF20-714A53FC246E%7Dmid://00000307/!x-usc:mailto:Beth.Pieterson@hc-sc.gc.ca
Subject: Health Canada National Guidelines for Wind Turbines Noise -

Minister of
HealthHealth Canadawlmailhtml:%7BAE2BA2D0-26AA-460B-BF20-714A53FC246E%7Dmid://00000307/!x-usc:mailto:leona.aglukkaq@parl.gc.caDeputy
Minister Glenda YeatesHealth Canadawlmailhtml:%7BAE2BA2D0-26AA-460B-BF20-714A53FC246E%7Dmid://00000307/!x-usc:mailto:glenda.yeates@hc-sc.gc.caAssistant Deputy Minister Hilary GellerHealth
Beth Pieterson, Director GeneralHealth Canadawlmailhtml:%7BAE2BA2D0-26AA-460B-BF20-714A53FC246E%7Dmid://00000307/!x-usc:mailto:Beth.Pieterson@hc-sc.gc.ca

Dear Honourable Ladies,

It is with the sincerest concern for families throughout Canada that I ask
that you Do Not Implement National Guidelines for Wind Turbine Noise without
much further study and determination. My family and I live within 700m of two
wind turbines and since they have been running (fall 2008), we have suffered the
following symptoms: terrible headaches, internal vibrations (in our bodies),
heart palpitations, ringing ears, extreme fatigue, body soreness, dry eyes, lack
of sleep from audible and inaudible noise, strange travelling rashes that
doctors are unable to diagnose, difficulty with memory and concentration,
dramatic negative changes to our personalities, lack of sex drive, nausea,
nosebleeds and more. Our quality of life has been affected by not only our
health issues, but also financial issues related to money we spent trying to
“protect” our home from the noise and vibration through increased insulation and

We have not succeeded in blocking out the effects of the turbines, and we
continue to have symptoms. We struggled at first with whether or not this could
actually be happening, whether our government would actually allow something
that would cause so much harm to be built near our home. We literally could not
believe that the turbines could be the cause. However, after leaving the home
for only a short time, even 1 or two nights, we find that our symptoms begin to
dramatically decrease. Each day we get better, begin to feel like our old
selves again. Upon return to the home, it takes mere hours for the symptoms to

You may be asking yourselves why we have not moved. Loss of value is part
of the problem with our homes location being so close to the turbines, not just
the two I mentioned, but another 40 at least which are visible from our home.
But also, here is my ethical dilemma – How can I sell my home to another family,
knowing how the turbines have so negatively affected our family ?

In closing, I would like to say that I believe that innovation and change
are important to saving our planet and maintaining the Canadian way of life.
However, this should not be done at human cost. The turbines may have their
time and place in Canada, but with the way they function now, their place is not
near any living thing.

Please do the right thing and ensure that Wind turbines are not placed
anywhere near life until such time that the affects can be studied, quantified
and corrected. My family and I are suffering the consequences of a rush to “do
the right thing” in the wrong way. I am aware there are other sufferers of wind
turbine symptoms not only here in Ontario, but all around the world. This is a
true problem that you need to take responsibility for before many other families
are affected.

Please, Do No Implement National Guidelines that will give the public a
false sense of security into letting wind turbines be placed near their homes.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Nikki Horton
(also for Gerred, Owen and Wyatt Horton)