Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd - Letter from Ripley - 5 families!

>> Dear Nikki and family,
>> We have and still are experiencing the symptoms your family describes. You
>> are very strong to blog your experiences. Our family and 4 other families
>> tried the meetings with the companies, the sound testing, yes, in our
>> bedroom, too, and the endless calls begging for relief.
>> The two companies did billet us in town for months, did cut our homes
>> off of Hydro One and put us on stand alone generators, buried small
>> sections of high voltage lines and some other work, but, our home is not
>> yet 100% back to normal.
>> It is hard to trust anyone who says they are experts and can help. It is
>> hard to call into the Spill Action Center in T.O. to report another loud
>> night, even though I know it is the right thing to do to have the incident
>> report on record.
>> The company must take some kind of action to stop the sound problem,
>> since the MOE certificate of approval for the turbines depends upon the
>> 40db level being met.
>> In every letter to Premier McGinty we have ask for help and we asked
>> that no other family in Ontario should suffer as we have. As a group of 11
>> people we thought we were "doing the right thing" by not speaking publicly
>> and by trying to fix things on a "person to person" respectful level.
>> We always took the company reps at their word. We believed their concern
>> was genuine and their studies would end up helping us...OH, we were wrong.
>> Last October's meeting ended with them telling us that all the studies
>> were up to standards and we were being "brainwashed " into believing our
>> symptoms and we were 40 and 50 year old ladies with gravitational humming
>> in our heads (How respectful was that?).
>> Now we are on another set of studies and we are suppose to have another
>> meeting.
>> Since January we have received morale and knowledge based support from
>> other regular people in Ontario in a group called Wind Concerns Ontario.
>> Just regular people who wanted to help. At first I didn't trust another
>> set of experts, but, being a science teacher for 27 years I realized I was
>> not getting all the truth.
>> The truth about industrial wind turbines, industry bias in government
>> policies, electrical pollution and the effects on our health.
>> I was,to say the least ticked that the company reps who sat at my
>> dining room table appearing to be so concerned had access to all kinds of
>> the factual data and nonindustrial research that the Wind Concerns group
>> passed on to us.
>> And all the while the companies allowed harm to continue to come to
>> our families. If there is anytime you want to e mail me at home or at my
>> school email to ask questions or share what we have tried and are trying I
>> would be more than happy to help.
It would my way of helping as those in WCO have helped us.
>> Thinking of each of you and knowing that your biggest wish is for THIS TO
>> nightmare for our family units and health.)
>> S.M. and neighbours in the Ripley Wind Project

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Colette said...

Great to see the twigs gathering to make the mighty oak trunk that the victims will be once you understand what is going on and can realize that you are not alone in your plight.
As a member of WCO I'm working hard to help your cause, which will soon be mine now that the project in my area has been forced upon us despite all that we have been able to show to our local gov't.