Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday August 30th - Things that make you go "hmmm"

It's almost the end of August...We are finished the outer renovation with a few minor details remaining...we are working now on the inside, and yes, we are broke! Ha,ha, okay, not really, but WOW! what an expensive endeavour this turned out to be - between the re-enforcements, the rounded siding, the steel roof and the extreme amount of insulation - I think we have a turbine proof fortress now! It makes me wonder - if we have to spend all this money to continue to be happy and healthy in our homes, why is it that none of the turbines were turning yesterday?? What I mean by that is that I was driving back from camping along Lake Erie from Wheatley to our home (towards Blenheim) and not a single wind turbine was operating. How can this possibly be? I thought these metal giants were supposed to be Green, Energy producing wonderful machines of the future? And yet, not one was turning yesterday, production of electricity - Zero......Hmmmmm.

Another funny thing, my parents visited for a week from the 18th to the 26th. While he was here, my dad said he slept great but he felt tired, not quite himself, worn out... the same things I describe feeling when I am in this house too much! In fact, since I was around the house a lot that week, I too felt exhausted even though I should have been well rested based on the hours of sleep I received. I haven't asked my father if he has felt better upon returning home yet, but I sure noticed that being gone for three days camping this weekend made all the difference for me! The first day, same feelings, second day, feeling better and by the third day when we came home, I'd had less sleep the night before and felt more alive and awake than I have in a long time - likely since the last time I travelled and slept away from home, It's a bit like finding the fountain of youth - leave home for a few days and get away from the turbines....HMMMMM....Things that make you go hmmmm.

A little update. The turbines have been about the same, turning slowly or not at all, not as noticeable with the protection of the leaves on the trees. I truly hope that this fall we find that our renovations were all worth it and that our home is livable. On a good note though, there are so many skeptics out there who think we are all "making up" these symptoms. I am sure someone will buy the house even after I share my blog with them. Why wouldn't they, after all, I am just "making it up" because I don't "handle change well"...Hmmmmm

Wishing you all a Wonderful Day!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have not blogged for quite some time...we are still in the midst of renovations to combat the noise and vibration from the turbines that are so close to our home. I must say that July and August have been much better. Unfortunately, we won't really know the affects of the renovation until the fall months. You see, like today, during these months the turbines tend to run slower, so, of course, less noise and vibration. Also, during these months, the trees that surround the rear of our home are filled with leaves and we believe this creates a bit of a sound barrier for us. We are very worried about the change in weather and the leaves coming off the trees later this year though. You see, not only do we have the previous turbines to contend with that sit to the rear and side of our home - we now have several others at the front of our home! We fear there will be no relief from the turbines this winter even when the wind is changing direction since we are now surrounded by them.
The landscape is horrible! I used to like the site of them, small lines of them in a few places lined up in the horizon. But, now in our area, you see them scattered throughout the horizon with no pattern, no thought to the scenery, just popped up here and there, wherever permission could be given to erect them.
I must say that this month I am finally beginning to feel like my old self again, with very little turbine activity and the fact that I have not been home very much, I feel more rested. No headaches. Less irritable, more at ease. I hope this continues and that our worries are over, actually, more than hope. I pray.
I still wonder about the affect the turbines have on my children's growing bodies and brains. Still hopeful that they have adjusted to it and will not again experience side affects this winter. My youngest still suffers from itchy skin and rashes, but to a far less degree than the pictures shown earlier in my blog (pictures of his unidentifiable rash, that doctor's could not explain).
Our renovation is nearly complete, and I truly believe that the size, solidness and outer materials and insulation will assist us with the vibration and noise - when we have everything closed up. I do not know how we will do when we are outside or when our windows are open.
Due to the renovations we have been forced to make so that we would not have to leave our home as so many others have, we have gone without proper heat in the winter (the roof was open for a while waiting on contractors) and without air conditioning this summer. I have enjoyed having the windows open, with the exception of when the turbines are spinning and then we still hear them.
Last week, or maybe it was the week before we were out on the deck in the evening and could hear a definite problem with one of the turbines. A whining sound, something wrong in the gears perhaps? Likely from lightening...with all of the storms we had here in July, we saw lightening being attracted to all of the surrounding turbines like bugs to light. It was scary to watch and a bit unnerving to see and hear lightening cracks so close to our bedroom window. We lost our Internet connection twice this season due to lightening striking so close to our airnet connection and we have to replace our router. We have had many phone issues, and television issues, as well as problems with other electronics such as the Wii game my kids love. The biggest burden of all is financial. This renovation has cost us so much more than we ever intended it to. The lumber, insulation, siding and roof added up so quickly. If it were not for the turbines, we would never have undertaken this big project at this time. Once started, we were committed, and now we both work constantly to try to pay the bills created - a debt that will be with us for quite some time. It doesn't seem fair that the wind companies and municipality are profiting while all we face is expense after expense and fear of ongoing health issues. I guess it is true that some people are expendable and you can not depend on your government, or anyone else to protect you from the politics of the world. Y'know it wouldn't be so bad if I believed this was the way of the future and that wind turbines would assist to "save the earth", but the more I read and learn, the more I can see that the "green" argument is not a good one for turbines and they do not contribute. They have not created jobs here. The only winners in this equation are the wind companies and the govt's. Even the people who are being paid now to have them on their land, even the ones who are not currently complaining of noise or health issues, will eventually be hurt as well when they are shut down and the landowner is faced with the huge cost of removing them - as stated in most contracts. These landowners have been used and I fear in the end will suffer just as we are now. It is truly a shame.

But, today is quiet. I feel good. My kids are at camp - safe. It is a good day.
I hope this peace continues. I hope this renovation was worth it and that we can stay in our home this winter and that we can share our success with others who are suffering.

A big thank you to all of you who continue to send me information and check in to see how we are doing. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Especially since at this point I can not even get a response from the wind company or the MOE. I will post some new pictures soon and try to keep you updated when, and if, we notice changes.