Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Friday, June 19, 2009

Letter from my Neighbor to CK Council

I have been given permission to post a copy of this letter one of my nieghbors wrote to council and sent in just before the June 15th meeting. I have not met her in person, and we have never spoken prior to the conversation mentioned in her letter.

Copy of letter to Council:
I decided one day to give my neighbour a call, I wanted to see what she thought of the wind turbines and if she was having any problems and if she knew who we could contact regarding our problems since the turbines have been running. WOW was I surprised she described my headaches to a T, she was getting the same headaches that I have been experiencing EVERYday for months now.
I made a doctors appointment because I couldn't take the headaches anymore, some days were to the point that I almost vomited. At first we thought it was due to my job, the work I do, my doctor told me to try advil, motrin and gave me tylenol 3 when they get bad. People at work thought I was crazy taking at least 3-4 pills everyday for the pain. But, come March of 2009 I was laid off and thought great now my headaches will stop, but was I wrong they continue today. I have seen my doctor acouple more times regarding this matter, he can't seem to be able to explain them, my next appointment is July.7/09
Iam not the only one in our house effected by these wind turbines, my husband has been showing signs of memory loss, he has been experiencing headaches also and I don't recall him ever getting headaches and we both have been feeling more depressed then day to day living and can't understand why.
Oh and lets talk about our horse, he seemed more jumpy, his stall was a real mess in the mornings not like the norm, it seemed that he would do circles at night, he would pace, we couldn't explain it nor understand it.
We also have a big concern regarding our property value, now that these turbines are in our back yard the value has gone down, ask yourself would you want to live this close to them?
Please don't get us wrong we are all for green energy anything to help the planet it has been damaged enough, but when do we say wait a minute our health and way of life comes first.

Thank you for your time

End of Letter.


Anonymous said...

Stop worrying about the harmless wind turbines and get on with your life.

Nik said...

Thank you Anonymous for your comment. I understand how you could feel that way since you feel they are harmless. The government and the wind companies are doing a fantastic job keeping most of the public blinded, but, in time everyone will know and understand - Believe me, I wish I was wrong every day but it's just not the case. My only advice for you is to do some serious digging into the facts, there have been many, many things in history presented to be "good" that actually turned out to do harm. Sad, but true.