Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Thursday, June 18, 2009


There is a meeting tonight at Club Lentina's in Chatham from 7-9. As I understand it this is a public meeting for input regarding the regulations of the new Green Energy Act. I urge all of you with concerns/questions about wind projects to attend and ask your questions. The province (especially the MOE) need to hear the message loud and clear (stop turbines/transformers until they are proven safe -- turn off the ones currently causing harm to people -- compensate those that have already been affected)

I hope that this meeting tonight is productive. As you read in my blog from the meeting on Monday evening, I encountered some close minded people when I tried to hear the other side of the arguement. Not only did they not wish to hear my side, they did not wish to speak to me at all! It is a very sad state of affairs when people are so filled with an idea that they refuse to listen openly and weigh both sides of any arguement. I must say that in the little bit of exposure I have had, I do see that those who are against wind energy, in most cases, are not entirely against it, they are merely stating Keep it far enough away from people and animals so that it does not cause harm until you can figure out a way to ensure it does not disrupt and harm the innocent. Kudos to you for being willing to find a comprimise. Shame on those who refuse to keep an open mind and work together.

Below is an account of something that happened before the meeting on Monday evening. It was before I arrived and I did not witness it, but I will post the information I received from a blog reader for your information. It is in the form of a letter and reply sent to the mayor regarding the incident.
The letter:

Mayor Hope,

I was present at the meeting on Monday when a person who did not identify
himself approached several of the residents and demanded that a banner be
removed. He was asked "Why?" He response was "Remove it" The banner was
not taken down. Shortly after that another person who also did not
identify himself came and removed the banner and also another banner. I
found their actions to be very rude and disrespectful. I have been to
other meetings and have not seen this happen.
" Members of the public attending a committee and/or council meeting shall
respect the decorum of council and refrain from outburst, shouting, or
behaviour intended to disrupt the debate, discussion and / or general
proceedings of the council"
The seated residents were not disrupting in any way.
The two men were later identified as Mr. Browning CAO and Mr. K. Cooper.
I can only assume the these two men held a prejudiced issue with the
message on the banner."MORE TURBINES = MORE VICTIMS"
Freedom of expression and freedom of speech are the not to be taken away.
You may not of been aware when this happened but it did happen and I will
be waiting for your response.

The response:
I have received your email and wish to advise that at no time, are banners,
placards or other materials allowed to be displayed in Council Chambers as
disrespect of council decorum is not acceptable. The persons who removed
the banners were acting under the Mayor's direction to comply with that
decorum and members of the public attending a council meeting must respect
the decorum of Council Chambers as well. Members of the public are,
however, encouraged to attend public meetings to demonstrate their interest
in municipal issues.

Randy R. Hope, Mayor/CEO
Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Personally, if this is indeed what happened, my only question is why Mr. Browning and Mr. Cooper could not have simply approached the people with the banner in a respectful way and explained that banners were not to be displayed in council chambers.....just because someone has an opinion that is contradictory, does not make them a trouble-maker, or less of citizen, and does not take away their right to be treated with the respect that they deserve. The unfortunate part of all politics is that one side usually has "the power". As witnessed in council chambers on Monday evening, the public was not given the opportunity to speak and therefore only the banners on the walls, and the T-shirts worn by green energy supporters were the conveyor of the fact that two opposing messages were even present. Only our councillors were allowed to speak/question the issue, and a couple of them made sure to get their feelings heard. For example, Ms. Karen Herman who stated something like "let's get on with this,my constituents want turbines and the revenue".
The more demonstration of behaviour I am seeing on this issue, the less I understand how mature, professional individuals can act like children. I guess if you watch the politics on tv and the way they carry on, it's become part of our government to shout and holler and those who take the "best shots" seem to get the loudest applause...kind of reminds me of Ultimate fighting but with suits and no cage.....Something to think about.....Nik

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Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is how something as simple as a banner in council chambers "disrupts the decorum" and is not allowed, but councillors are allowed to OK turbines that "disrupt the decorum" and indeed the very health, wealth and happiness of innocent people. Is having to look at a banner that reads "more turbines = more victims" for a couple of hours in any way remotely similar to having to live with turbine noise and adverse health effects and ruined property values 24 hours a day, 7 days a week???? That is what they are forcing people to do. Shame on council and the rest of the municipal officials involved in this !!!!