Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 26/27 - MOE

The MOE came by our home yesterday to hear our issues. They are at present trying to determine why the complaints filed previuosly did not end up in the hands of the proper people. It seems as though both the municipality of CK and Kruger Energy did in fact forward the complaints, however, they were not rec'd by the appropriate people at the MOE. At any rate, as of now, the MOE does have our official request for their involvement in our issues and they seem quite interested in investigating the issues to find the facts.

Yesterday was a pretty good day health wise, I was out of the house all morning, and actually found my headache subsided...it did return after being home a few hours, but not as strong as usual. However, this morning, I woke with a terrible, terrible headache, one of the worst so far. I can think of nothing I did, ate or drank that would have brought it on. I did not stay up late, nothing unusual. I did not take anything for it, and it has lessend over the day and is just a very dull ache on my forehead. As I work at the computer in the office, I can feel pressure in my ears today. It is a pressure like flying on a plane but not being able to pop your ears. My throat and glands feel sore as well. The turbines outside are turning, but not very quickly... I can see the reflection of the one closest to us in the water on the ground ( I can no longer see it through the trees from the office) The blades are blade, 1,2,missippi, next blade...so not very fast today.

Over the past few weeks, we all seem to have had relief...especially the past few days as we have closed the windows and turned on the air, which helps to drown out the noise, so we are sleeping better I think...Even my husband has noted that he is hearing them less at night. I also attribute this to the trees being filled with leaves and creating a buffer. Someone who I consider to be very knowledgable about wind and sound told me that a wall of straw will bounce sound, he said the trees would have a similar effect then the leaves and branches are full. Makes sense to me.

The most obvious cause of our relief would be the change in weather as the wind is blowing less often and with less force for the most part. We recently has a huge storm and a funnel cloud touched down in Alma, but of course during those storms it is raining heavily and often the rain combined with the thunder and lightening causes us not to notice the wind turbines.

I am glad for the relief, but worried about what will happen in the fall.

The kids seemed to have stopped banging their heads as I have not seen them do it lately. Wyatt vomited this morning for no apparent reason while sitting in the rocking chair near the window watching tv. Wyatt also continues to wake every day and say "mom, my legs are hurtin"...he can not explain how or where so I am not sure if this is the tingling that I had been experiencing in my extremities, or if it is a child's 'growing pains'. I will mention it when we finally get him in to see the doctor in July.

I think that's it for updates at present. Have a great weekend everyone!


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