Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A must to watch...This is incredible....


And, here is a point of interest...it is 8:10pm and our power has flickered for the third time today. We have also lost 4 light bulbs today. The turbines are turning like crazy and are loud, loud, loud...I am about to call the 1-800 reporting number to report this problem....Nik


Nik said...

Reported to Spills Action Centre, Matt, 10:25pm, noticed early afternoon, loud and consistent noise, very fast turbines movement today, noise: like a train almost,
power flickering, a few times today
At least four light bulbs blown today throughout the day
Feeling: fatigue and headache
I was the only family member who was home all day, husband home after 5pm, noticed noise, contractors and in-laws here after 6pm noticed noise also while outside in front of home.

Anonymous said...

I'm VERY upset about this proposal!! 55 of them being placed in the Colchester harbour just TWO kilometers from waterfront residences!! This has NEVER been done before & NO ONE knows the long term health affects of this. Noise & vibration will be amplified THREE times louder than what you're dealing with!! I'm horrified by what is to come!!