Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6th, 2010 - Just When We Thought We Were Okay...

Hello Readers,
You have not heard from me in a long while. This is due to a few factors: 1. Ongoing renovations have kept us extremely busy 2. We have had some health issues
3. We found some relief to the vibrations and did not realize that we have likely still been affected by the noise and other affects of the turbines.

1. The renovations are into their final stages. Good news, we have noticed a great difference in the vibration to our home! We no longer see items vibrating off of shelves and it has been a long time since any of us has experienced the vibration feeling within our bodies. We do not seem to feel the vibration since certain renovations took place. We are very excited by this and hope we will never have to feel that discomfort again.

2. I have had ongoing headaches (off and on), and extreme fatigue along with the inability to concentrate. I had thought I was dealing with a cyclical problem related to PMS, however, after tracking the symptoms over the past few months I find that it is in fact not only cyclical, but ongoing. I have begun to notice that the fatigue seems to be going hand in hand with the turbines. Although I do not notice them as much since the vibration is not strong like it was, and we already hear them less even though renovations are not finished, I have started watching them again when I feel extremely fatigued and they are in fact turning. I have tried to omit all other possibilities and this seems to be the last remaining possiblity. Over the past few weeks, we have been able to hear the turbines quite a few nights and some days. I believe that they are still disrupting our sleep as my boys have been experiencing sleep disturbances as well. The fatigue seems minor compared to the problems of before, however, for me, it has affected my job, my relationships and other aspects of my life and I fear for all of our health if we are unable to get proper rest in the months and years to come.

3. As stated, we did find relief to the vibration after some of the renovations started and we fully expect that once the outer renovations are complete that we will have found an answer to the noise issue (at least when the house is sealed up with windows shut, etc). It remains to be seen how we will be affected when we are outdoors this summer in our yard, pool, etc.

Oddly, over the past few weeks, not only has my fatigue become almost debilitating, but also, we have had almost every light bulb in our home burn out. I find it odd that the light bulbs seem to burn out at the same times we are experiencing the most problems and wonder if it is related to the turbine issue.

As we finish up renovations and continue to try to find our own solutions to all of the problems that only began after the turbines were erected, we are horrified to know that more turbines are proposed for this area. As time goes by, we learn of more and more affected families affected by turbines near their homes. To date, WE HAVE NOT HAD A REPLY FROM THE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT OR KRUGER WIND ENERGY WITH REGARDS TO OUR COMPLAINTS, OUR REQUESTS FOR ASSISTANCE, OUR REQUESTS FOR SPECIFICS ON THE REPORTS AND MEASUREMENTS THAT WERE TAKEN LAST YEAR AT OUR HOME, OR ANY ANSWERS TO THE MANY QUESTIONS WE HAVE ASKED BOTH WRITTEN AND VERBAL. I plan to contact them again this week and see if there is any news, but I am sure I will be told the same thing again...waiting for the Ministry of Environment to analyze the report....

Hope all is well with you, wish I could be better at keeping you up to date...will try harder...Be well, Nik

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Since your renovations were somewhat successful, I'm sure others will want to get a general idea of what they consisted of. Any chance, when you feel like it, of you providing that?