Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st - Very loud today, winter is coming!

After feeling under the weather all day and being unable to rest, I was excited to get to bed early and catch up on my sleep and feel healthy. It is now 11:19, and I am back in my office - awake! The turbines are turning so loudly that I could hear them while I sat in my living room over the television show!! In the bedroom, I could hear the woosh, woosh, woosh and the wind moving after each woosh. I could 'feel' them turning. The pressure in my ears is unbelievable! I am in the office because I am about to call (again) and file a noise complaint with the MOE - not sure it does any good, but I'll keep calling (actually, I don't call near as often as I should because getting out of bed to call just gets me more awake and more frustrated but I know it's the right thing to do).

Hope your home is quieter than mine!


11:30 - Update... I did call the spills action centre and "Matt" actually seemed like he was expecting my call. This time (and this is a first), he asked me details of the problem, asked if I had called before, and also took a minute to see if there were a large number of complaints in this area because they now have specific questions they are supposed to ask. When he asked if there was anything else he coudl do for me, I said "yes, could you please contact the Kruger wind project and have them shut down the two turbines nearest to my home". He actually said, I will check to see if we have contact information for that company and if so, I will be sure they are notified.....

That made me think - hey! I should call them so I did. I left my "neighbor" a message on the answering machine that went something like this..."Hello, this is Nikki Horton, your nieghbor calling. I am calling you because it is 11:33pm on Wednesday evening and your wind turbines are keeping me awake. I would ask that you please turn them off after 11pm so as not to disturb us. Thank you".

I am not going to hold my breath, but that is what I would do if my neighbors dog was barking, or if they were having a loud bash or whatever so why not give it a try! It is excessively disturbing tonight, and affecting my eyes as well...I actually feel like my left eye is drooping a bit and when I looked in the mirror it seemed puffy or droopy on the upper lid...very strange.

I heard on the radio that they are releasing the H1N1 flu shot. Canada Health made a statement that they continued to review the vaccine even after many other countries allowed it to be distributed to be diligent and ensure all of their questions were answered...Wonder why they don't use that same common sense with the turbines instead of inflicting them on people and then waiting to see/hear the consequences!

I am going to try to get some sleep, Good night - I hope!



Mike said...

Hello, I have your blog permanently on my homepage. I follow every posting (heartbreaking) and yet this is the first time I have taken time off from researching and being very active as a "first time" "activist!", to try with thousands of others across Ontario to stop this travesty,foisted on us by a loose canon, Premier Dalton McGuinty and the current regime of the majority Liberal Party. It is only a matter of time when they will hopefully be exposed for alleged complicity and other serious alleged criminal disregard for the cornerstones of due process and our trusted democratic safeguards for our health and the health of our wildlife.

Research Dead Bats! A wind power co. and a scientific study brought to light that bats, mammals, experience "the BENDS" and their lungs and chest walls explode with air pressure change,(drop) from the turbines! If there is a significant decrease in bat populations across Ontario, (think West Nile and S A R S !) We should be demanding that David Suzuki, who's org.recently raised funds to stop a gravel pit in Grey Twp.,through a dinner at Michael Stadtlander's, Eginsinn Farm, for similar reasons to health, as our own reasons re: Industrial wind turbines. He needs to come forward and address his concerns for the reported ill health of so many people and the death of bats. "NEW RESEARCH SHOWS THAT THE STUDY OF BAT MORTALITY SHOULD BE THE PRIMARY ECOLOGICAL CONCERN FOR DEVELOPERS" In Alberta, a partnership between Trans Alta Wind and the University of Calgary,debunked one of the popular beliefs about bat deaths and will help steer future work in this area. check out, Chrystal Luxmore 2009,

1. www.windconcernsontario.com
2. Environment
3. Categories
4. Bats & Birds
Chrystal Luxmore- North American Windpower Jan 2009

Meanwhile Nik, I would hope that all of the people suffering from lack of sleep for months on end , will follow your BRILLIANT lead of COMMON SENSE and continuously phone their 'contracted' neigbours and leave a message or directly tell them to have their Industrial turbines shut off at night. Tell them you are also reporting a disturbance to the local police as well. Document each and every call,on your blog! If the MOE or Ontario Health won't protect your children, then you have no other recourse! Let your neighbours, the contracted ones, WORK on your behalf, FOR YOU, to deal with the developers.(no gag there) Canadians have to stop being polite! We have to be vigilante! We have to protect ourselves through the laws that have already been established!

Please pass this message on !


Melodie Burkett

PS. All council members, MPPs MP's, the Premier, and our Prime Minister should be receiving this documented attempt to "shut the turbines off at night" Do not waste anymore time with the developer's, they are not law makers. They in fact, are counting on small resistance and lack of publicity! Politicians however want to please and get votes.. Let's hit them where it counts!

Let us hope that some of us are charged or taken to court, the publicity alone would aid us greatly, and they know that and will do everything possible to avoid a public forum.(delete this last paragraph before posting)

Nik said...

Thank you for the support, I am glad to hear that there are others out there who are ready to "do" something!