Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oct. 22/09 - Another "wintery" windy night

It is currently 1:44 am according to the clock at my computer. Why am I at my computer at 1:44 am when I have a 9am meeting you ask????....Let me tell you, After arriving home from a late meeting, I tried to get to bed and get some sleep. Unfortunately, the turbines have other plans this evening. As I tried to sleep all I could hear was the woosh, woosh - a large object pushing through the air, causing a repeptitive, loud and annoying noise. Have you ever been so tired and the neighbors dog just keeps barking and you think "just be quiet and let me sleep" - well this dog will not be quiet until the wind stops blowing!!! The annoyance coupled with the pressure in my sinus and head and the sore throat does not make sleep come easily.

I just hung up with "Matt" at the MOE spills action centre (thank you to Wind Concerns of Ontario and Victims of Wind for suggesting that action). I reported to him that for the second night in a row the turbines are very loud - he actually said that "if he has an officer in the area he will have them investigate" - Wow! That would be great...usually they come when the wind is stopped and the turbines are not moving at all....I also emailed the Kruger representative I deal with - Joseph Boland, and Michael Cookson, Manager - Wind Power Sector, Kruger Energy
Tel.: (514) 343-3226, Fax: (514) 343-3124, michael.cookson@kruger.com and
Jean Majeau,Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications, Kruger
Tél. : (514) 343-3213 jean.majeau@kruger.com

I let them know that they are not being very good neighbors and I would appreciate if they would turn the turbines nearest us off between 11pm and 7am so we can get some sleep. I did leave a voice mail last night, but so far, no reply....I may take the advice of the person who wrote in from last nights post and try calling the police on "my neighbors" to report the noise complaint. I actually thought of that before but wasn't sure of the rules around complaining about noise, guess I'll have to research that one a bit.

Sleep well, I am off to try again....Nik

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