Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Friday, October 16, 2009

I haven't reported for a while....

Today is October 16th and I realized I have not written anything for a while....we are deep in our renovation. We are hopeful that the work we are doing will help to minimize the affects of the turbines. Due to the noise of the construction during the day, I have found the turbine noise less noticeable so I can not really say how much or how little they have been turning although it seems they have been pretty slow turning other than a couple of days here and there. I have noticed that I have been feeling extremely fatigued, and at times a bit nauseous, but other than that, pretty good all things considered. I think the fatigue is the hardest to deal with, especially with small children who do not want to have a "nap" with mom in the afternoon! My youngest has the rash again. It went almost completely away when we went camping, and then it came back with a vengeance within a few days of our return home. Luckily, I scheduled a follow up appointment just in case so he sees the pediatrician again on Tuesday. I have noticed that my teeth are extremely sore and have caught myself clenching my jaw in my sleep. I believe this is something that started with the turbines also. My oldest has also started grinding and clenching his teeth at night. I know that this can be considered as normal, but here's something interesting...we went camping again this past weekend and stayed over one night - I watched a movie in bed with my oldest next to me and noticed that he was not clenching or grinding. I also felt as though I had not clenched when I woke that morning.....
I am frustrated and upset today, and maybe that is why I thought to blog. I sent a long letter to Kruger Energy in September asking them to clarify many things about the noise report they did here. When they came to share it with me, I had asked many questions verbally but they said they did not know and would ask and get back to me. When they did not, I put those questions, and more, in writing. Yesterday, I rec'd a response from them (almost 3 weeks later). As I opened the email, I fully expected to see answers, instead, I found a response that read :

Dear Ms. Horton,
Thank you for your letter dated September 16, 2009, which we received by email on
September 24, 2009. We are currently reviewing the letter.
Also, we are currently waiting for any comments that the MOE might have on our July
30, 2009 letter and noise measurements report, as prepared by Aerocoustics, the
independent engineering firm retained for this purpose.
Please contact the undersigned if you have any questions.

I love that last line! Please contact if you have questions! I do have questions, many of them - that was the purpose of the letter! I am not sure why the MOE comments would matter, except that I suspect that if the MOE states that they are OK with the report then Kruger can simply say to me "not our problem".....the questions I asked were about the report, about information not shown, how it reads, how vague it is, what it means, what kind of assistance can we get...and a bit about the renovations we are doing and asking for any feedback they can provide on it and what types of things might help.....when we speak in person, they say that they would like to help, that they are available to work with us, but when it comes down to it, we get Nothing! I did send that letter to our city council, mayor, MPP's, MOE and others, and no one has contacted me about it....

I truly hope this extra insulation, windows, siding, roof, etc. works....I am tired of feeling tired...

I hope the rest of you are sleeping well...


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