Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Thursday, October 8, 2009

MPP Calls for halt to wind Farms until province clears health concerns

For Immediate Release

October 7, 2009

Murdoch calls for halt to wind farms

until province clears health concerns

QUEEN’S PARK – Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch will call for a province-wide moratorium on wind turbine projects when he introduces a resolution at Queen’s Park later this month.

Through his resolution, which he expects to be debated on Oct. 29, Murdoch will call on the province and its chief medical doctor to state whether or not wind turbines cause health problems for people who live near them.

Murdoch said the government has a responsibility as well as a mandate to investigate such claims – which range from sleep deprivation to heart palpitations – before moving on with wind energy projects.

The green light for future wind development should come from the province’s medical and environmental experts, including Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, as well as the ministries of health and environment, Murdoch added.

“As with any project of this magnitude, it’s expected to get some opposition,” Murdoch said in reference to the Liberal government’s green energy agenda that calls for 1,000 turbines to be erected in Ontario by 2012. “My objective here is to bring these people’s health concerns to an end. If there is no link between wind turbines and adverse health effects among people who live near them, then let the experts state that publicly for all of us to hear.”

The Liberal government moved very quickly with the Green Energy agenda. Bill 150 was passed into law within a short time, and as a result very many things got overlooked, explained Murdoch.

“In light of all these concerns, I think it would be very beneficial if the current administration at Queen’s Park cleared the air before moving on with its clean air agenda,” Murdoch said.

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That in the Opinion of this House, the Province of Ontario must impose a moratorium on all new wind turbine projects in Ontario until such time as the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Environment have stated that wind turbines do not have any adverse health effects on people who live near them.


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Anonymous said...

There isnt a wind turbine near me at all but I do experience the same thing. I wounder thoug it was mentioned that it could be air traped or something in the bones due to seperation or something. I wounder if having kids can cause it. I have 4 I live in GA. My sister lives in FL and told me she is having the same problem she also has 4 kids. She also does not live near any wind turbines. I wounder if there may be any other causes I havnt told the doc yet but will be soon. I see what she says and let everyone no. At first I also thought it was my cell phone. It is a strange thing to have happen and I hope it will just stops but something tells me thats not going to happen.

Nik said...

Thank you for the information, please do keep us posted. Interesting that you say "at first you thought it was from your cell phone". If this is indeed an issue from low frequency or other type of travelling waves, it could very well be your cell phone, electricity, or some other form of unknown "dirt" travelling through the air.....more information is needed for sure...we are all so excited by technology and the tools that simplify our lives (including myself), but I wonder what harm we are doing in the process?