Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 7 - I haven't blogged in a while....

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. It's been very busy, and I have been feeling extremely tired and not myself. I do not suspect it is the turbines this time though because to my knowledge they were not turning much on the days I was especially tired....of course, I can't be sure, but somehow I think this is something different, or perhaps a combination of the turbines and something else adding to it. I have been working on a letter of questions, and researching the information supplied from the noise test. I will soon have that posted, in the meantime, please be patient.

I do see that the controversy continues in many forums. I received the Costco magazine today and page 14 and 15 are devoted to the question "Should we rely more on wind energy?" As I understand it, this is an invitation for a debate. There are several websites listed as references, including the Wind Concerns Ontario group. To vote online, you can cot to Costco.ca, click "in the Warehouse" and then Costco Connection magazine and select Debate, under contents.

I believe this link may work also: http://delivery.texterity.com/costco/index000384893.cfm

These were the results tonight so far:

Informed Debate
Should we rely more on wind energy?
Yes 82 Votes 8.0%
No 943 Votes 92.0%
Total Votes 1025 Votes

Thank you for participating in our survey.

You may also send your comments to: debate@costco.com

UPDATE: I have received information that there are now 11 people suffering from the Kruger wind farm and those are just the ones who have recognized the link between the turbines and their symptoms and who are willing to speak about it!

Please be advised of the following information session. I think this is so important because if these particular wind turbines go forward, they will be very close to a school of small children who could be adversely affected.

Date: Wednesday, September 9th, 7:00PM
Location: Adelaide W.G. MacDonald Public School Gymnasium 29059 School Road, Strathroy
Follow the link below for the flyer for this event:

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