Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept.21 - 2009 Strange rash

I am not sure if this is WT related, but it could be as I have heard from others about strange rashes, etc. so I will blog it and we can see what happens...About Thursday or Friday of last week, I had a breakout of what I thought was excema on my ring and baby fingers. I treated it as I usually would but instead of getting better, it seemed to get worse....unlike excema, it is three circles and they are quite deep wounds.....that is not my biggest concern though...my youngest son developed over the weekend a small rash on his inner elbow area, as the days have progressed, it has gotten far worse...deep red circles that are very sensitive, and surounding red blotches and dots...I am trying to get him a doctor's appointment today, but so far tomorrow is the soonest I could get...if he continues to complain, I will take him to the emergency department...he has also woke up with his eyes "glued" shut for two night now, but he shows no sign of a cold or allergies...his eyes were very red last night and appeared puffy, however, today his eyes appear better....I suffered from a major headache yesterday afternoon, and last night some extreme pains in my hips, legs and wrist joints...I was in a minor car accident on Saturday, so I suppose it could be from that, but I really don't think so as my neck and back are only slightly sore and I feel fine....who knows if WT's are the cause, but I will write this note and hopefully all will turn out to be nothing.....Nikki


Anonymous said...

I hope you and your son are okay..
I can not imagine how difficult this must be.. not knowing if it is the Wind Towers or just something wrong healthwise would drive me mad..

I read your blog just about every day.. please keep us informed..

We don't have wind turbines here in Prince Edward County yet but they are coming..

Jackie Allan

Nik said...

Thank you Jackie, yes, you are correct, it is the not knowing that is difficult. Always wondering what we should be monitoring in our life and if we can affect change or if the turbines are the cause......we managed to get a dr's appt at 7:30 tonight so at least Wyatt will get some relief hopefully..

Anonymous said...

A victim in Ripley has seen these pictures and says she has suffered from the same thing in the same place and believes it is due to "dirty electricity" which turbines produce. I am also in contact with a person at the opposite end of the Kruger wind project who also experiences this reaction.

Concerned said...

This is so sad.....to be beaten up by these Wind Companies and then told it's not their fault is disgusting.
I'm sure Kruger employees are all getting a good nights sleep. Our Provincial Government has turned it's back on the people who pay their wages!

Rikki said...

I have the same type of rash on my inner arms as well. Looks exactly like your son's . However, I have been to many doctors and still haven't found out what it is but I know that I live about 300 miles from the nearest WT.

Nik said...

Hey Rikki, Thanks for your post....when I posted this, one women contacted me with a long email about the affect of different "waves" in the air and explained that her daughter had a similar rash and they discovered it was a sensitivity to cellphones, computers, tv's, etc. - overexposure...she said their are items you can buy for your plugs that help negate these waves in the air...sorry, I am not very literate in this subject...but try googling overexposure to electic waves or something like that, also try dirty electicity and see if you can find some possibilities for your rash...if you use a cell phone, computer, tv a lot and there a lot of items in your residence, this could be part of your problem...Good Luck! Nik