Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmm?

I blogged back on the 7th that I was feeling extremely tired and under the weather...I said I could not be sure if it was the turbines, but I didn't think so...hmmmm, well now I am wondering if that was the beginning of some new symptoms....a few nights ago, I felt so achy, right into my bones...my hips felt like they were being pushed so hard that they would break at any minute...my legs and lower body were painful and heavy, like nothing I have ever felt before...actually, that is not true - last winter, I saw a doctor because I was having strange hip pain, it was similar to this I think...perhaps it started last winter because the turbines did? hmmmmm?
Today is much better in terms of pain, but I did wake up this morning and hit the snooze button so many times even my three year old was getting frustrated with me... I HATE that feeling in the morning where you can't open your eyes and your whole body says "stay in bed and get some rest", especially when there is no good reason for it. The dry eyes in the morning continue, but someone told me to try teargel as it apparently provides relief so I will buy some tomorrow. My husband had a dizzy spell yesterday. He said it came and went throughout the day - he was working at home mostly during the day...
Today was strange, I woke up groggy - felt better once I was up - by noon I felt like I could literally fall asleep standing - I left the house and went to Chatham, by the time I got into town, I felt better. After being gone a few hours, I headed home...home about 15 minutes and I felt extremely tired again. I had a short nap but when my alarm rang at 5 oclock to pick up my kids I felt like I could keep sleeping, sleep for a week even...I got up and got the kids, and I have been fine ever since - too tired to go to my weekly golf girls night, but better and not so tired feeling....I have missed many of my golf leaugue nights due to fatigue....hmmmmm...I wonder how many games the wind turbines exec's miss due to the effects of living near them....wait a minute - do any of them live near them?? HMMMMMMMM?


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