Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Friday, August 28, 2009

August 28th - The more I learn, the less I believe!

After getting the report back from the wind energy company (Kruger), I asked some friends and professionals about it. I had guesses and questions (you saw posted), but since I know very little about wind, noise, energy, etc., they were of course only my "common sense would dictate" reactions to what was happening. As I began getting feedback from people, it was AMAZING to me how accurate my guesses actually were. Of course, not explained expertly, but the theory basically correct. I have been investigating further "standing waves", and a bit about how sound travels, how it bounces, "acoustics", resonance, vibrations and waves..One web page I looked at refers to musical instruments, reflections and what happens when sound waves are "disturbed" or "blocked" (http://www.lightandmatter.com/html_books/3vw/ch04/ch04.html) I found it very interesting, especially since I thought about sound and instruments immediately when relating the location of our home and the sound waves and vibration coming from the turbines....

So what is so unbelievable??? I can not believe that wind companies, specifically the people responsible for the designing, engineering, building and erecting of these giant wind machines can actually claim that "there is no evidence" of sound or vibration emitted that will affect the population. And, how can our government and so many others sit by and disregard the complaints and facts presented by so many victims! It makes perfect sense that the wind, sound and vibration generated by such a massive machine would send these factors in the direction it is blowing - it further makes sense that if an object (such as a home) is in the direct path, it could act as an amplifier, and that the residence of that home would feel, hear and sense the disturbance!

My youngest has started grabbing at his left ear often and screaming. If his brother plays with certain toys that make noise, or yells, he cringes and cries and screams - this is a new thing, certainly not the ordinary. He has been checked by the family doctor a few times, but diagnosed as being " a little red in the ear" possibly an infection and treated with drugs. It keeps going on, more screaming - more drugs....His appointment with the pediatrician is finally coming up next month and hopefully they will be able to run some real tests to determine his problem and whether it is related to the turbines.

I understand that in the Strathroy area there are plans for several turbines to go up around a school! This I can not believe....exposing children to something that has been so readily complained about all day, every day for months!!! There is a girl on the news today who is 13 and wants to sail around the world unaccompanied and the government may not let her due to the possible danger, but they will allow an entire school full of children under 14 to be exposed to a potential hazard that may affect their learning ability, hearing, and who knows what else as they develop??? Sometimes this feels like a movie to me because I can not believe that there are human beings out there who are really willing to risk families and children for money.

So as I research and get feedback, I am writing a list of questions to send to Kruger for their "official" response. I asked several questions the day of and they promised to get back to me, but I have heard nothing....When the letter is finished, I will post it for you. I hope it helps someone, I hope it helps us!
Thanks, Nik


Al said...

Take the kid off all dairy products; the ear infection will go away as if by magic!

Nik said...

Thank you for the suggestion regarding dairy products, however, we did try that and it did not work.....it was worth a try though!