Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mid Day vibrations

Today was a very sluggish day....lots to do, but no energy to do it. I don't feel ill, just physically exhausted. It's very strange. My youngest was very, very whiny and did not seem himself today either...The turbines seem to be steady, but not overly fast today. I did not really notice them at all today UNTIL, I went to lie down with my youngest at about 3:30pm. Thinking we both could use a quick cat nap to help us feel a bit better. My son was on one side and I was in the middle of the bed when I felt the entire bed vibrating. Seriously, it was like all of the coils in the mattress were moving...kind of like those beds they used to have in old motels where you put the coin in and the "magic fingers" were supposed to give you a massage. It was laughable! I could not believe it! For a minute, I thought maybe the washer was on and the bed was picking up the spin cycle because it was so strong...you know how sometimes if your washer gets uneven in the spin cycle it can really rock and roll...but nothing was on, nothing was running. There was no explanation for the vibrations. The only thing that makes sense is the turbines vibration. I wish there was a way to capture this when it happens because of course if I was to invite someone out to feel it, it would not happen at that exact moment...the odd thing was that the vibration was centred more to the middle of the bed. It is a king size mattress on that sits on the two bed boxes. It is not on a frame because with the frame attached it sits very high and the kids sometimes still fall out of bed so we left the boxes on the floor. I wonder if the seem in the middle of the box springs is somehow responsible for the extra vibration in the middle of the bed. I was talking to someone just the other day, and she said "of course those big massive machines spinning out there in the field would cause vibration, how could they not?" It really does make sense to me, so how can the wind companies say that it's not happening?? I mean really, how could it not be happening?
I did end up getting to sleep for an hour, who knows, maybe I am actually getting used to the vibrations. I do know that both my youngest and I felt a bit better after getting some rest. I hope this doesn't continue, it is very draining and not a great feeling to feel so exhausted for no reason.....



Brown said...

We just had a wind farm move in behind and around us here in South Texas. I thought I was crazy that I felt my bed vibrating in the mornings until my daughter said that she felt it too. How close is the closest turbine to you? We have one directly behind us about 1200'.

Nik said...

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling the turbines...We have several around us and more coming up. The closest one to us is 637 metres and the next is 737 metres from our home. We notice them the most during the prevailing winds, although we have found some relief, see my post today for information.