Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Draining a Drained Medical System

So Today, we visited our family doctor to discuss our symptoms. Since there are many symptoms, there was not a lot she could do. She documented our problems and discussed possible causes of some of the symptoms. She did agree that lack of sleep can cause some of the other problems. We shared information, she shared information and we are taking a few steps to rule out possibilities other than wind turbines, but really, it was what I expected. An appointment to show that we reported our problems to our doctor and really nothing more. The health care system is already so strained, it makes no sense to me that we needed for our doctor to document what I am already documenting.... however, we are glad we went and got "checked out"...always better safe than sorry.... Today when we came home, the wind turbine by our home was still, but the others were turning...from where I sit now, it appears that the one directly beside us is turning slowly and the one directly behind us just a bit slower than that, it's tougher to tell from here... I have noticed that I have had a few good nights sleep since the milder weather, and since it seems that the turbines closest to us are not always running....still I have headaches more days than not and my husband is not sleeping...Our youngest has started vomiting again...once about 5 days ago, again 2 days ago and then again yesterday he seemed like he was near but didn't. He felt warm the first incident but was not running a fever so I hope it is teeth or some other growth spurt, but I fear it was motion sickness, for lack of a better term, and I worry that he may suffer growing up here. We discuss moving often, but are hopeful that the wind company will follow through with their promise to help us find the problem and a solution.

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M said...

Sorry to say that I got a reply from the MOE saying that the Raleigh Wind Energy Centre (more turbines to your north) can go ahead. According to the MOE: They (the wind company) have demonstrated that public health and safety issues have been assessed and do not pose any problems. Time to ask the Minister to review this, but I really don't see them addressing the problems, just burying their heads and turning their backs on the "expendable" people in the country.