Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

dryness, headaches and vibration

This morning, both my husband and I again woke up with dry eyes, and the kids were rubbing theirs too but were not complaining at all (we try not to ask them too much because we don't want them to believe they are sick, we want them to believe everything is okay and that way there will be no "make-believe" symptoms)....I was out most of the day with the children, but my husband was here and was very upset by the turbine noise and vibration. He said it was one of the worst days he remembers. When I arrived home around 7pm, he was on the deck waiting for us and when I got out of the car, I could understand immediately what he was referring to. The Woosh, Woosh of the windmills was extremly loud and very much felt like it was right there - I have had a headache all day and it has worsened over the course of the day, even though I was not at home, it seemed to start this morning with the dry eyes and get steadily worse. My eyes also did not recover as they have before, they have felt odd all day long. My husband said the house was Vibrating today and that sitting in the office and even the living room was almost as loud as being outside. After dinner, our neighbor from accross the field also called over to comment that his shed was vibrating today and they were also very aware of how noisy the turbines were today. We still have not heard back from the Kruger company on the noise studies they did, we have not heard back from the MOE on how they are progressing, and we have not had any feedback or response from the many councillors and the mayor of Chatham Kent whom I called and left messages for....Nik


Nik said...

I almost forgot to mention that my youngest seemed better yesterday but is not himself again today...I don't think it is a flu, he seems like he is overtired and worn out, even though he has been sleeping at night...I hope he is getting proper rest and not being affected as I am by the lack of REM sleep.

M said...

Call the MOE spills hotline when the noise and/or vibration bothers you. Until you (and everyone else affected) call every time they will have no idea how much of a problem this is!!!