Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

As I am writing this post in my office, I can hear the turbines outside (woosh, woosh)...it must be that time of year again because the past week has been unbelievable loud - I had forgotten how loud the turbines can be!!! In fact, this past week, they seem louder than ever...
WE called the spills action centre at 1-800-268-6060 (something everyone affected should be doing) on April 30th during the day. This was the first time I had ever called during the day, I usually only call when we are up at night. I was directed to the Windsor office and when I let them know that I was calling to report the noise and health issues from the turbines they were indifferent. The fellow I spoke to asked what was wrong and I told him that the turbines were extremely loud through the night and had continued to be loud today. My husband and I got little sleep, we both woke up in the morning with extremely puffy, dry eyes. My oldest son complained of his legs hurting very bad in the morning, and my headache had been ongoing for about 24 hrs. The fellow asked if I had called the wind company to which I replied "not today, but many times". He said they should be informed so they could fix the problem - ha! I laughed out loud. I told him that we had been registering the problem for over a year and had noise testing done and were still waiting. He said "okay", and then he seemed like he was finished with the conversation. I asked him if they would be sending someone out to investigate the noise and his answer was "I am not sure". I just said okay, thanks and we ended the phone call. ...
I called the Kruger head office here in Raleigh township and got voice mail, that was Friday - Today is Tuesday - to date, I have had no response to my voice mail.

Then on May 1st, I called the spills action centre again at midnight to report the loudness of the turbines - this was probably as loud as I had ever heard them, and there was a "thunk" in the mix that was very loud as well. They again said, thank you for the call, we MAY send someone to investigate.

On Sunday night, when I didn't think they could get any louder, they did! My youngest son vomitted in his bed around midnight and there seemed to be no cause. He has not shown signs of flu or anthing like that since, and we all ate the same dinner and no one else was ill. I HOPE that this is not the start of the nauseau and vomitting that he suffered from last fall - symptoms which I am positive are in direct relation to the wind turbines!!! When I woke Monday morning, I too felt a bit nauseaus and exhausted! My eyes were so dry and puffy that I had a tough time opening them in the morning - Turbines!

KRUGER EXECUTIVE - if you are reading my posts, as I know you have in the past, would you PLEASE respond to my phone calls, letters, and emails...we need a solution for our family health and well-being!

Renovation Update - For those of you who have been asking, we are putting up the siding now and once it is in place, we will see if we are able to stop the noise. We seem to have lessened the feeling of the actual vibration within the house but the actual results remain to be seen upon completion.

Side note: I was speaking to my neighbors yesterday and as we listened to the turbines I asked if they had noticed them lately and they said "oh ya!" They related to me how the other night (Friday I think)they could see the pond water vibrating in their back yard, not rippling from wind, but vibrating...they thought something large was swimming around in it until they realized it was the vibration from the turbines!!!

Will this ever end!?! I am so proud of all of the people who took the time to travel to Queen's Park last week and stand together for the victims of wind past, present and future. I wish I could have been there and hopefully I will be there next time. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you for making time to have voices heard!


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Twwly said...


I have just found your blog.

I live in the Armow Wind Boundary, many of our neighbours have optioned their land.

I was at the Queens Park Rally recently, have a meeting with the municipality of Kincardine tomorrow morning.

There are times when I think, maybe, we could live with it. We bought our farm, we thought we'd never move. We love it here, we raise our own meat, eggs, veggies, I make our cheeses. This is the life I want for my children.

But reading about your children, wow. WOW. It drives it home.

I feel so helpless. So horrified.

I am so sorry for your ongoing battle. Please keep documenting EVERYTHING.

My blog is here, if you're interested: