Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Monday, May 17, 2010

Does Anyone know who this resident in Merlin is? I would love to meet him...

Turbines’ ‘woof’ sound annoying

Credit: The Windsor Star, www.windsorstar.com 14 May 2010

Though I live in Windsor, I have a friend who lives in Merlin. He has three wind turbines directly behind his residence in a field.

While raking his backyard last week, he brought to my attention the noise of these turbines. I listened and heard the low “woof” sound. This was from a mere three turbines.

There are currently 50 built and another 50 are proposed in this area. While speaking of the annoyance, I told him I would never buy a house near a turbine after hearing this.

It’s not like living near a train rail where it occurs once in awhile. This noise occurs all the time.

Though technology wants to move forward, the man’s chances of now selling his home and the value of his home will now be reduced. These issues are not considered when approving these turbines.

I would only believe that if this were done near my investment, I would be looking to be compensated for “my loss.”

Is anyone looking out for these people?

I would hope that the news would be more forthcoming to those who will suffer.

Cynthia Flemming,


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