Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012 - Meeting with MPP

I have just returned home from a gathering of people at Deer Run Golf Course to meet with our local MPP, Rick Nicholls regarding the wind turbines. Other than Rick, there were several informative speakers who shared information regarding the wind turbines and their effect on wildlife, economics, jobs in Canada and more. I found it to be quite informative, although apparently the speaker on health issues could not attend which was unfortunate. As always, the question/coment period at the end of the meeting brought opinions from both sides but no one was really out of line. It was a pretty good meeting and overall, it seems like this MPP does truly want to help prevent the further erection of turbines if they are a danger to us, the environment and our economy.
My two cents: I offered for people to read my blog because I don't think most people really believe that there are health affects. I hope some do read not only my site, but others as well. There are so many people out there, in so many parts of the world, all with similar stories and symptoms. Once you start reading, it's tough not to at least open your mind to the possibility.
I was really upset though when it was stated, and I am paraphrasing "what's done is done, we can't do anything about the existing turbines...we are just trying to stop more" What about people like us then? Do we just get forgotten about, or will there at least be some relief from the turbines?
So I am hopeful for the cause, but not for us. My biggest fear is that it won't get better and we won't be able to leave without suffering huge financial hardship. There was a family there tonight who is pursuing a lawsuit so that they can try to get away, and they have been called many names because of it. I don't think people understand that it likely wasn't them that picked the magic number that would get the attention of the wind company. It was probably a number dreamed up by a lawyer. I can't speak for them, but if they are anything like us, they just want enough to relocate and not be majorly set back financially because they probably had a plan for their home and their future and now that has been taken from them.
One women asked "You have a right to put up a turbine in your yard, but what about my rights when the affects of that turbine crosses over onto my property?" I thought that was a great question. Neighbors sue over tree limbs that overhang property lines. Industry is governed by noise limitations when in or near residential areas. The general public is now protected even from second hand smoke, but people who live next door to turbines are told "if you don't like it, just move."
I was also very very frustrated by what seemed to be a constant referral to putting the power back into the hands of the municipalities...How will that help? It is our current Mayor and council who got us into this mess here in CK in the first place. I even had councillors come out here and feel the vibration, hear the noise, empathize with the situation and even though they expressed that they were totally shocked and could agree that there was a problem vote yes to more turbines the very next week. Giving the power back to the municiaplities may help the people fight better at lower levels of gov't, but I doubt it.
I am angry, sympathetic, hopeful and hopeless all at the same time. Only time will tell what will actually happen, but I hope that whatever it is, that the health affects are short term and do not have long term affects even after moving away from exposure to turbines - for my boys sake.

G'Night. Nik


Anonymous said...

Quick question for you. Did the symptoms start right after the turbines went up? And did the symptoms get worse/better over time? And over time did you notice new symptoms? How many hours do you actually sleep per night and do you get woken up every hour or so?

Just trying to understand, thanks.

Nik said...

When the turbines started, we noticed they were louder than expected right away. It was at least a few months later when I put together that my headaches had started at roughly the same time the turbines went up. For my husband, the sleep issues started immediately because he actually lies awake and can not sleep because the noise bothers him and keeps him awake. For me, a person who can sleep through anything, it took much longer to realize that although I was "asleep" at night, I have not been getting a solid sleep and my theory is that my REM sleep is disrupted because I can go to bed and "sleep" for hours and still wake feeling unrested. This changes immediately when I sleep away from home. One night away and I already feel much more rested, within a week or so, most of my symptoms are gone. Due to the fatigue, I often fall asleep when reading to my kids at bedtime so about 8 or 9 pm, and then we are usually up around 7am. I find I wake up at night much more often than I ever have, but it's my children and my husband who seem to wake up every 1-2 hours every night - this is new since the turbines went up. Symptoms for me are getting worse over time. With the kids, it's difficult to tell. For my husband, it comes and goes but he sleeps away from home far more often than I do. I spend the most time in the house so that may have something to do with it. Hope this helps, if you want more specific information, please email me at nik@ciaccess.com, thanks.