Dwarfed by Turbines

Dwarfed by Turbines

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25th - LOUD, LOUD, LOUD

Today one of the contractors of our renovation commented to me about how loud and disturbing the turbines are. They are moving fairly quickly, and there are clouds in the air, we have had some rain today. It seems to me that they are louder when it is overcast, but I can not be sure. The boys and I moved to the room farther from the turbines at about 3am to try to get away from the noise. At about that time, three things happened. My oldest wet the bed (very uncharacteristic for him, he has not had accidents before), My youngest fell out of bed, and I woke up. This all happened pretty much at the same time and so we all moved into the bunk beds. When I asked my youngest what happened he said "the bed moved", of course, he was still basically asleep as I carried him into the other bed. When I asked the oldest what happened, he did not know and did not remember wetting the bed. I got him up and changed him and put him in the other bed and he asked me "why is the house spinning?" or said "I am dizzy", or something like that, I can't remember exactly the phrase. This morning, he did not know how or why he woke up in a different bed. All three of us were terribly fatigued this morning and it took us quite a while to crawl out of bed. So, when the contractor commented on the noise, it only re-enforced to me that likely the past two nights sleep have been affected by the turbines..... I had to make a delivery today and as we drove down the Drake, I noticed that there are several new 'holes" being dug for more turbines. And then, on the drive back, we saw the many large poles and blades near Buxton waiting to be erected all over this area. As winter gets ready to roll in, I am anxious about getting these renovations finished so we can be warm and toasty, but also, to protect us from the effects of the turbines. Last winter was when our symptoms were the worst. Take care, Nik I have attached a view from the bedroom window (Look closely you can see the turbine between the trees...the picture does not do it justice as from the bed, it appears to be just outside the window. I have also attached a short video of what we saw when we woke up this morning...again, it's hard to imagine the size of it from the video but it really is a huge monster outside of our home.

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Barry Bridgeford said...

I hope your insulation efforts haven't simply added more substance to the structure, thereby enabling stronger resonance of the offending infrasound frequencies. Many people have found relief from their structures' infrasound resonance during summer months by 'camping-out' in tents or other less-substantive structures for sleeping purposes, obviously not viable in cold weather.
Refer to: http://www.algonquinadventures.com/waywardwind/swaves.htm